OK, need advice on new system


I've posted a few messages and was advised to post my room size and budget. The room I'm going to set the system up in is 12' x 20' My budget is 1000.00 or under. I will use the system exclusively for TV and DVD's I have a separate stereo for music. I thought my search was going to be easy, but it gets more difficult every time I read something. Every time I think I find a product that seems to get good ratings, I start finding just as many bad ratings about them. I've been looking at Energy take 5.2, Klipsch synergy sytem 6, JBL. People either seem to love one or hate it there never seems to be a middle ground people agree on. And then it comes to the Receiver which has to fall within the budget also. Any suggestions on package or box deals? I originally looked at Onkyos LS-V500c refurbished package for 179.00 at E.cost but changed my mind. Also E.Cost hast a Dennon AVR-883 receiver for 219.00 refurbished. Does that sound like a decent deal?

speakers, go with NHT
receiver, go with NAD

nuff said

One thing to keep in mind is go and listen to systems, if you can. Hawk has mentioned a few different systems at that price point that would be great. An NAD T742, or H/K receiver would be great. Onkyo is almost as nice.

If you search the forums for Hawk posts, I am sure you will find one that lists a system at that price point. I know he posted something about one in the last few months.

The sites www.saturdayaudio.com, dmc-electronics.com and onecall.com are some of the sites to start at. Also ecost.com, but make sure about warranty service.

I will look for the post also and link to it here if I find it. Happy hunting. :)

OK, a real quick search turned up this recommendation from Hawk;

"First, call Saturday Audio Excange (www.saturdayaudio.com) and get an NAD 742 receiver with an NAD 512 DVD/CD player, which are paired in a closeout combo for $598 while they still have them. That covers your receiver and DVD player. Then, go to the One Call website (www.onecall.com) and get the One Call Home Theater Package which consists of five matched NHT SuperZero speakers with a Phase Tech Power 8 subwoofer for $589.90. My system actually saves you $73 as its total price is only $1188, and is a real Home Theater system that you can enjoy for years. Here is the link to the One Call HT Package FYI:


The NHTs are as small as the MNC speakers, but with so much more accuracy and detail you will not believe it. They were originally designed as stand-alone stereo mini-monitors and they have the kind of detail that you usually only get with speakers costing at least four time what these speakers cost. They were recently discontinued by the manufacturer, but while in production, they were on the Recommended Components List by Stereophile Magazine (a very exclusive list) for five straight years. The NAD receiver is a vast improvement over the JVC receiver in that the sound is warmer, cleaner and much more articulate. In fact, I would suggest that the NAD receiver is better than any other sub-$1K receiver (non-NAD brand) in terms of detail and accuracy. It does not have a lot of the whiz-bang tricks that receiver makers seem to want to include on most receivers, but the sound is lovely and so much better than the sound from a mass market receiver maker.

The NAD 512 DVD/CD player is also much better than the JVC DVD player, particualarly with the sound from either DVDs or CDs. Many of the audio equipment mass market types want you to believe that all digital sound is alike, but I am here to tell you that it isn't and the difference is noticeable."

Keep looking for info, tho. This is good to know for a start. If you don't need a dvd player they have a good price on the T742 alone. As does dmc-electronics.com.
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