6.1 always possible on 7.1 receiver ?


Hi all,
Looking for a receiver and I would like to buy a Denon 2803 (thanks all for the advice on my previous question).
I have a KEF 2005 + a sixth egg (=> 6.1). I read that 6.1 is not a to big improvement (if any) over 5.1, but now I have the sixth speaker I want to use it ! Furthermore the cabling has been put in the walls, so ...

*** My question is : can I use a 7.1 receiver to drive the 6.1 set ? If so, which one of the 2 surround back channels do I have to use (L or R) ? Do I lose any phonic info ?
The info sheet specifies 5.1 and 7.1 stereo ; what with 6.1 ? or are the 2 back surrounds the same in 7.1 ?
Please help ; thanks

Of course you can use 7.1 to drive 6.1. Most everything is downward compatible. The manual on your specific receiver will tell you which output to use for the 6th speaker to create a 6th channel matrix.

On some very new receivers coming out now they are adding Dolby Prologic IIx, which is a 6 and 7 channel matrix.
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