Pioneer PD-D6-J Sacd player


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Hi everyone, I'm intending to buy a stereo system for my small room (12x8 feet) with bookshelf speakers. I read good reviews about poineer PD-D6-J
sacd player and combining it with pioneer SX-A9-J.
Firstly what do u think about cd player & amp.
Secondly here there a few choices for speakers:
B&W 600 series,Focal 700,800,profile,pioneer pure malt speakers,
Would u please advise which speaker matches best with mentioned system.

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I don't know the Pioneer system at all so I can't help you there.

The B&W 600 series has been a missed opportunity as far as I'm concerned. Big sound but boomy and inarticulate in the bass, and difficult to drive to boot. I'm trying to decide which of the 686 and 685 I prefer and can't.

Focal's Chorus 700V series is very good. Lean in the bass but articulate and engaging with a sweet top end. The 705V and 706V are good speakers. Forget the 800 and Profile speakers. With that budget you would be better off spending the money on better electronics most likely.

Another option you should consider is the tiny but dramatically engaging Totem Dreamcatcher or Totem Mite, go no higher with that system. Well worth looking at.

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Thanks frank for your useful info.
You are right, yesterday I auditioned B&W 600 & 700, to my ears focals were much better than even B&W 700 series.
I think that I will go with Focal 706v and spend more on amp.
What do you think about primare integrated I21 & I30(100wx2)?
I think I30 is too much for focals but what bad can it be?

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I haven't listened to Primare in about 10 years so I'm afraid my experience is too old to help.

Do not worry about anything being 'too much' for the Focals. I regularly use 705s with Naim amps which are in the i20 or higher rnage. The Focals are good enough to reflect the changes made upstream.

For example, just last week I had a customer in looking for future upgrades from a relatively basic system. We compared Naim CD5i/Nait5i-2 vs Rega Apollo/Mira and Cyrus CD6SE/8vs2. I used the 705Vs to display the differences in presentation of the different brands and it was easy to tell the differences. It was more difficult for the customer to decide between the brands because they each had their strengths and weaknesses, but the little Focals were more than good enough to discriminate between the systems. When we got down to two systems, I then inserted B&W CM1s and then Totem Dreamcatchers to give him different flavours (the 706Vs would have been too big for his room), but the 705Vs weren't disgraced in any way.

More importantly, make sure your source is at least as good as your amp, notice how my demo was structured with strong CD players with the amplifiers, and that will give you great results. I haven't heard the Pioneer, and it has had many good reviews, but if you have Primare in your area, perhaps that is something you could consider (albeit probably a lot more expensive).

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You are smart to look for something other than the Pioneer gears - you can do better than that.

I would post it on since there are more people on it giving good advices - although this is also a good sight.

You can also buy used stuff there - and get good deals - so you will end up with more quality for the same price.

This way, if you want to upgrade later, you can resell there without loosing much money.

Arcam is a good maker you might want to consider for electronics.

Go slow and research before buying, and you will make a better choices ...

For a CD player, TRL modified Sony SCD-CE595 is a good one -

For integrated amp, Arcam is a good one to look into.

Don't forget to look into quality cables as well - they will reward. 10% on cables is a good rule to remember.

Ixos is a good cable : WG-GAMMA-GEOMETRY-SPEAKER-WIRE-SILVER-50-FOOT-SPOOL/1.html C-Gamma-Geometry-Audio-Cable-1m/1.html

Good luck and welcome to the world of Hifi - go slow and research before buying, and you will make a satisfying informed decision.
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