Resetting a Pioneer A/V Receiver from Protection Mode


John Reed

For the second time in a few months a lightning storm has caused my amp to go into protection mode.

The problem is that it costs a lot to have the thing reset every time, so I was wondering how I can do it myself. All help appreciated.

Does it have a flip down panel?If so there should be a tiny button there the size if the tip of a pencil. If not im not sure where it would be because of the fact that you havent stated what receiver we are talking about.

John Reed
Hi G.Dawg,

It's a VSX-859RDS. It's a THX badged, 5.1 system from about 2 or 3 years ago. It does have a flip down panel on the front, but I can't see a pencil hole?

John Reed
The thing is ... if you leave it off for a good few hours and then switch it back on ... it works fine for a few minutes and then you start hearing the occasional pop. The pops gradually increase over the next few seconds to sound like a shower coming down outside. Then finally the signal starts making horrible digital tearing noises and white noise. So I just turn it off.

Any idea what the hell is going on? I just know it's all down to that ba$tard lightning.

I sent Pioneer an E-mail so ill check back when I get it.

John Reed
Nice one mate. I appreciate all of your help :-)

The world seems so lonely without great sounding music and quality home theatre :-)

I havent gotten any response from Pioneer, so I would suggest getting a new receiver and a power surger thing that stops that from happening. But then could always get it repaired.

I meant one of these...

John Reed
Yeah I bought a similar surge protector yesterday ... in preparation for when the amp is repaired.

I can barely afford the repair, so there's no chance of me buying a new amp :-)

I just thought I might be able to reset it myself and save another bill. Oh well, let's just hope that the surge protector does it's job and stops this from happening again.

Thanks again.

I have an Onkyo TX-DS575X that is apparently in protection mode...any ideas on how to reset it?

unplug it and hold the power buton for 5 seconds.i dunno if that'll work cuz its instructions on how to reset a Kenwood vr-6070 but it might, try it.

i have a onkyo reciever tx-sr600 after approx. 5 seconds it switches to protect mode and shuts off..any idea whats wrong...joe
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