H/K AVR 525 and 4Om speakers


I have 4Om Axiom speakers. Does anyone know if Harman Kardon 525 can handle 4Om?

I've had some problems with older recivers and 4Om speakers. Any advice would help


Your lucky day. I received the following e-mail from Axiom a couple of weeks ago.

Hello Greg,

The H/K AVR525 will drive the M80tis with ease. In fact, H/K and Denon are the only receiver brands that I recommend for the 4-ohm M80s (other brands either shut down, overheat and shut down, or limit current output severely into 4-0hm loads).

I use the H/K AVR525 and it drives my M80s and M22ti's with no problem. Ignore the warning on the back (Use 8-ohm Speakers). The H/K amps are stable and robust into lower impedances.

Thanks for your interest in Axiom!


Alan Lofft
Axiom Resident Expert

While I am sure there are many other receivers that would be fine--since he has already had the acid test with the HK--it would seem to get a big thumbs up.

Good luck.


that's a good news!!!!

Thanks a lot I'm so glad!! You MADE my day.
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