HK525 Vs. Denon3803


which would have better sound quality for mostly movie use, and is Denon's power ratings as conservative as HK's?

Any input would be nice

H/K is more musical. To my ears DTS (Gladiator) sounded better with H/K. There are more DSP modes in the Denon and I think they probably sound better than the H/K. I dont find much difference between H/K's Logic7 & Dolby Prologic II to take that as an advantage.

My personal opinion is that the H/K gives a more neutral sound while the Denon sounds a tad simulated. But that may be better for Movies (personal choice).

H/K gets very hot so proper ventilation is a must.

BTW did you consider the Onkyo SR701? I would suggest you listen to each and if you still can't decide go for the cheaper receiver. I dont think you can go wrong with any of these brands.

My $0.02.

I have the 3803 and I would tell you that its power rating is vastly over-stated. Rated at 110 wpc, I would guess that it would clip between 65 to 70 wpc. I have heard the H/K and I believe it has more real power than the Denon. The 525 definitely has a better power supply, at the very least.

More important than the power is the sonic charecter of these two units. The H/K is much more laid back, but is warmer and more musical. The Denon is a little more forward, but still rather polite and rather dry sounding. Has a tougher time matching up with speakers, so care in the choice of speakers is a must. You should pick the sound you like best after comparing them, preferably using the same speakers and source material.

Good luck.

Say What?!?
thanks guys, I'll keep those thoughts in mind. I can listen to the H/K on my speakers but the local Denon dealer doesnt carry my brand (Polk audio). I really like the sound of the 525 so i will probably end up with it. I may even step up to the 7200 if i can find a good cheap refurbished or open box unit.
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