I just purchased a Marantz 6300 receiver. I finished getting everything hooked up, mad several test runs, and everything sounded beautiful, and I do mean beautiful. So after completing my test run, I put everything in my entertainment cabinet.


I just purchased a Marantz 6300 receiver. I finished getting everything hooked up, mad several test runs, and everything sounded beautiful, and I do mean beautiful. So after completing my test run, I put everything in my entertainment cabinet.

I start testing the system again, about 2-3 minutes in "Die Another Day" I get a popping noise coming from my left rear speaker. I turned the volume down and back up everything was okay. I continued the movie, and the popping noise started on my rr speaker, once again I lowered the volume, and it stopped. This sound started in my lr speaker, went to my rr speaker, and now it is in my center channel. And as i lowered the volume it would stop, now the problem comes back faster, and faster(i.e. 30 sec., 15seonds.). I have no idea what the problem could be with the receiver. I called the dealer; he said just to come swap it out. Also it only happens when watching a DVD in surround mode. It would be great if I did not have to unhook all of these wires over a simple problem, that maybe he was not aware of, because he has been enormously helpful; but was not sure what could be the problem.


John A.

Is it in all surround modes (DVD and DTS)?
Do you get it with Prologic etc?
Is only that DVD, or all DVDs?
Which digital audio connection do you have from the DVD-player (optical or co-axial)?

It sounds to me like the Digital Signal Processor, but it could just be a bad connection with the player. Do you know it is not the player (that is have you heard it on another receiver)?

John A.

I have not tried it in other modes, and it does it on two dvd's that I have tried.

Both the dvd and the receiver are brand new. Do you think it could be a connection?


Like John said, it COULD be a connection between the player and the receiver. It is highly unlikely that it is a connection between the receiver and the speakers, since the popping sound comes from all speakers at different times. The only way you will know for sure if it is a connection is to do some sort of "controlled experiment". If you change everything else but the receiver, and the problem is still there, the problem must be in the receiver. So, try a different cord, try using optical as opposed to coaxial (if possible), and if you can, try a different player. If you change all three of those things, and you still have the problem, then the problem must be in the receiver. It does sound like your dealer is being very supportive in all of this. That is a definite plus.

Hey SAL,

I had the same problem with the SR5300...
accompanied by a high pitched squeal! I simply
returned it and upgraded to the SR6300 and so far
so good.

Oh, and I tested the problems I was having with
the SR5300 against 2 other receivers, a Yamaha
and a Pioneer and the problem IS with the
Marantz, NOT with your connections (assuming
you have everything hooked up properly, which
is especially easy with the Marantz back panel).

This does make me question the build quality
of Marantz products. Sure, they sound amazing but
I'd hate to have constant problems.

My fingers are crossed!


John A.

I agree with Johnny. Certainly try an optical connection, they are less prone to interference.

A dealer usually has the advantage that he has many substitute units and can do the controlled experiment, to see where the source of the problem is.

if you have just one receiver and one DVD player, it may be difficult to localize the problem without borrowing stuff from a friend. Your dealer really ought to want to sort it out.

Good luck. Keep us posted.

Weird, and I thought every receiver except for the NAD line was flawless.

Thanks Guys,

I just purchased a matching Marntz DVD player, shuld I start there in the proces of elimanating the problem. Also, I just spent a l;ittle under an hour listening to music via the DVD player, flawless, absolutley great, but I pop in dvd and the problems almost at this point start imdediatley.

Thanks for the help, and could it be the DVD?

John A.

Do you realize that Madonna's title track on Die Another Day is SUPPOSED to sound like that? It nearly had me reaching for the owner manual, and examining the disc surface. But it's kind of cool when you stop worrying your equipment is playing up. I would dearly love an Aston Martin DB7 "Vanish", especially with the canon and rocket launchers. For sound and sheer escapist fantasy, that swordfight in the Reform Club...

It's great you enjoy you new system so much. That's a plus for Marantz.

Hi Guys,

I have also got the same problem!! I bought it just last week and have pinned the problem down to the reciever. I had the problem of it 'working' for approx. 20mins and then finding the channel display on the receiver to flash off briefly and then on again. Sometimes this would be accompanied by a 'pop' coming from a speaker. Other times i get a constant (irritating) noise coming from either the centre speaker, the left hand surround, or the sub - seems random...
Sometimes it is a constant high pitch noise, other times a noise similar to a cd play skipping, or a loud constant static noise (like an untuned channel on a tv). The only way to rid the noise is by switching from Dolby Digital to stereo (or some other mode) and then back to Dolby Digital. This only temporarily gets rid of the problem, since it happens again shortly after.

I also found that WHEN this problem is occuring if I switch over to stereo (or multi. chan. stereo) that I dont get the noise described above but instead the sound cuts out constantly, accompanied by the channel display briefly flashing on and off.

I'm somewhat relieved that I'm not the only person with this problem. I've found that it only happens when it is recieving from a Dolby Digital signal/source (whether it be from the optical or coax, i have tried both using 2 different DVD players) so it may be a faulty Dolby Digital processor (or somewhere along those lines). I also think it's a heat related fault as it only happens after the reciever is warm - after 20mins of playing music at a reasonable volume, then switching over to a dolby digital source like a dvd.

I've taken the reciever back and it is being looked at by a service centre. They said they could not reproduce the problem, but they are most probably in a well ventilated airconditioned area, unlike my room temperature family room. Never the less the receiver should be able to handle temperature well above this. I will also let them know that other people have had the same fault, and point them to this forum. Hopefully someone has had this problem repaired and can point me to a solution so I can pass onto the service center!



Ronald S.,

This sounds like my problem exactly, I returned the receiver (it did have a short in it), and the dealer gave me another one brand new in the box. I hvae not had a problem since.

Just for further info, my 6300 was a floor demo model, and the outlet was shorted out, which in return shorted out the reciver.

Hi Sal,

Do you mean the power outlet you plugged the reciever into had a power surge of some sort and blew something in the receiver?

The problem with my situation is that my 5300 was the last one in stock, given there will be a new 5304 (i think? or 5400?) coming out soon after christmas so I can't replace it, which does suck.

Ronald S.

Sorry about not being specific, but that is exactly what happened; in regards to the outlet. I was in the same situation as yourself. I did not want to wait for the 6400's. So I purchased the demo 6300 model.
After discussing my problem with the dealer he felt as if it was the wall outlet (shorted out), and he was correct. So instead of waiting on the 6400, I opted to upgrade to the 7400, and am very glad I did so. It was a few more dollars, but I beleive it will last me a great deal longer. Plus it has a fantastic remote; in my opoinion of course. I could not of been any happier with my setup.

I know it sound stupid, but the remote given with the 7400 was able to simplify my remote situation, by replacing all three of my old remote controllers.


I see, I wonder if there was a spike in the power which caused the same problem to happen in my 5300, however I had other equipment plugged into the same socket (TV, VCR, DVD player, Xbox) and none were affected :\

So do you now have the 7400 plugged into the same socket as before (which shorted out) and has it been running fine?

I'm guessing I should invest in a surge protector, although I'm not sure it could catch such a subtle spike - which didn't even affect any other equipment.

It is also funny to point out that the service center still have not found a fault - or are unable to reproduce the fault - in the reciever, which I find really strange. The retailer I bought the reciever from have now opted to replace it with the 5400 which I'm very happy about since I'll get a brand new reciever instead of a "fixed" one.

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