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I've been convinced by the NAD "Hawks" and after personal evaluation to purchase a T752 A/V receiver and a T532 DVD player. Now all I need is a speaker system to complete the package. Any suggestions (we listen to a lot of music), budget is under $1500 including sub.

How big is your room?

Size of room is 18 X 12. Configuration of furniture is such that TV will be to the right of the couch, not directly in front. Not a perfect set up due to nature of room.

Dear Anonymous---At that price point I would probably get a system from . Currently they are shipping for free, they have a 30 day free return policy, the speakers are built with 1" thick HDF Fiberboard with very nice cherry finish--or black if that is your preference, they are currently throwing in the speaker stands for free and they make a subwoofer in 10" or 12" that is very good. You can get their 5.1 system with the self-powered 10" subwoofer for about $1300 and the system with the 12" subwoofer for $1500 delivered.

Now, speakers are a matter of personal taste--but I can't imagine a better deal than this on a quality system at this price level.

Aperion would be good, but I like the new Ascend system, with CM-170 fronts, a 340 center, and another pair of 170 rears, together with a Hsu VTF-2 subwoofer (a 10" killer sub), all available from Ascend Acoustics ( The price would be about $1433. You can also save $100 here by getting the Model 200s for the rear.

Another favorite choice of mine is the JMlabs Sib/Cub system, available from retailers or Audio Advisor ( for about $1200.

Finally, check out a PSB system. I recommend the Image 4T towers for the fronts, the Image 1Bs for the rears, and Image 8C center and a Subsonic 5i sub. This can be had for about $1500.

Good luck.

Hawk--I didn't mean to give the impression that the Aperion system was the only good one--there are a number of good systems.I don't diasgree with any of those speaker systems you recommend either. The Aperion's with the HSU sub would be a very good choice as would the PSB. JMLabs is fine too. I imagine the Axiom speakers, particularly with the HSU subwoofer would be nice also.

I don't think anyone would go wrong with any of these choices in the under $1500 price point market.

Sorry G-Man if I gave you the impression that I didn't like your suggestion. Sometimes when I type a response, my brain gets ahead of my fingers and I leave the wrong impression. In fact, I was trying to agree with you! I was just trying to do the same thing you were--giving options. As always, you have put forward a good option well within our friend's budget. I think he has some good choices which will give him a nice range of choices to find what he likes.

BTW, G-Man, have you heard the Mirage OnmiSats? I haven't. but I am seeing some good press on them and I am wondering about them. If you have heard them, I was wondering what your impressions are.

Gentlemen, have either one of you heard the new KEF 2005.2 system?...and would they be a good match for my system? I like their size. Thanks in advance for the suggestions, I will let you know my impressions when all is said and done.

Hawk--I must confess--I haven't heard the Mirage Omnisats. I know Mirage is a fine Canadian company that uses the same National Acoustic Labs in Canada as PSB and a few other Canadian speaker companies.


Yes, I have heard the KEFs several times through several different receivers at several different dealers. However, since you haven't described your system, I have no way of knowing if it would be a good match. The size of your room makes a big difference, too. I looked at the KEF, but it soon became apparent that my 20 x 14 x 18 room was too big for the KEFs to fill, properly. If you have a large room, I would suggest something else.

I will tell you that the KEF system is very smooth and refined--just a bit on the laid back side, soundwise. It needs power! Don't starve it with something wimpy (e.g., Yamaha 640, Onkyo 500). With sufficient power, it can really sing.
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