Denon 3803 Has anybody auditioned yet? Impressions?


Travis Brammer
I was looking to buy the Denon 3802, when I discovered that the new Denon 3803 just hit the market. I was just wondering if anybody had seen or heard it yet. I am going to try to go out this weekend to listen to it. Any replies are appreciated.


Hey Travis I heard it and I like it a lot!!! The only thing that I do not like about it is the video upconversion. My friends at Tweeter here in Dallas, Tx said that the Avr-3803 is having problems upconverting the signals. Other than that the sound is awesome!! My only problem is that I am looking for a receiver that has a lot of power. And I narrowed it down to two receivers. And those two are the Denon Avr-3803 and the equalally impressive in my opinion, the Yamaha RX-V3300!

I had the 3803 and hated it. Much to bright even with my old very mellow Def Tech speakers. I now have a Pioneer Elite vsx45 and it blows away the Denon. Much smoother, more user friendly and is a perfect match with my new Monitor Audio system. I would stay away from both Denon and especially Yamaha and Sonyes and go with the Elite or a Marantz 7300 or Nadt762 or Harmon525.


I don't know if you are still looking at this unit, but I have it and I am looking to dump it (once I get the cash to buy what I want). It is a very good receiver with a lot of flexibility and great video controls (I have not tried up-converting, yet).

My problem with it is the sound. If you want this for Home Theater, then by all means it is right for you. Denon has targeted the HT crowd for this receiver (as has Yamaha, with similar results) and they intend to put the money into the receiver's video section. But if you want to listen to music, you will most likely be disappointed. It doesn't provide a very good soundstage for music playback--it sounds dull and two dimensional. I found the sound overall to be dry and uninteresting. It just isn't the right product for me.
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