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I would like to enhance my 2 channel listening but not sure which route to go? I'm currently using an Arcam AVR300 a/v receiver with Anthony Gallo Ref 3.1's(front) and AV center and a Velodyne DD-10 sub, and Angstrom Modular 4's(rear) as my setup. I'd eventually would like to go Pro/Pre and amp but that may be 2-3 years away or longer.
I like the Arcam AVR300 for home theater and I have no need for HDMI switching or balanced inputs etc as I am not able to utilize these features right now. The Gallo's like power so I'm not sure if I should just add a 2 channel power amp and use my pre-outs on the receiver but if I went Pre/Pro down the line I'd have to but another 3 channel or 5 channel amp. I could also but a 5 channel amp but they are a lot more money to get the same power. How much power do I need in a small room 15x12x7? Some brands I've been looking at are Rotel, Anthem, Parasound and another dealer has some demo gear like the Sunfire TGA-5400 ($2400 plus taxes), Aragon Palladium II monoblocks ($2000 plus taxes) and a Lexicon CX-7 ($3000 plus taxes). I'd really like to keep it $2000 and under. Any suggestions on wether I should just go 2 channel(more power) or 5/7 channel(less power), and what amps would you suggest to check out? Thanks in advance.

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Darren, you might want to add a Musical Fidelity A5 (or A5.5) to your list. I swear by it in my system. It has a HT bypass so your main speakers can be driven by your receiver and it has power to boot.

After reading a review (and no, I don't follow reviewers blindly) by John Potis from 6 Moons, I emailed him about his article and he answered back by stating in part, that he recommends the A5 especially for those Gallos Ref 3.1. He says there's a synergy there that he hasn't been able to emulate with other amps - and he was using Bel Cantos.

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DM, what do you mean by 'enhance'?
Just more volume?

Those Gallo's are able to produce great music at low volumes already, and yes, they can crank very high as well.
Is it SPL that you want?
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