A little guidance please


Hi everyone,
I'm upgrading my current reciever Onkyo 575 to one of the following Rotel RSX1065,Nad T763/T773, Marantz 7300ose and Pioneer VSX-53TX.

Which of the following would work well with Paradigm studio's 100. Right now I have monitor7's and I'm hoping to score a good price on the studio's with the release of the signature series.

Do any of you think that my current reciever rated at 75watts rms has the muscle to drive the the studio's properly.

Many thanks

I have the NAD 762 with Paradigm Studio 60 and am very happy. Warm sound, good bass, and great mids. It really kicks well when pushed with higher volume. I would recommend this combo to anyone.

I have the T752 and really like the NAD sound, but I must confess that I thought the Rotel was more transparent and had a wider soundstage. The only catch is that I can't afford one. If money were no object, I would go with the Rotel. I have not heard the T763/T773 since my dealer did not have them yet. But comparing the T752 to the Rotel RSX 1055, I prefer the Rotel (just slightly), but it costs almost twice as much as the T752. So yes, I "settled" for the T752, but honestly, I think it kicks butt for the price($650).

Thanks for the advice I too can't really afford many things ,but I have a little secrect it's known as a line of credit LOL.

Many thanks
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