New Yamaha Receivers Look Awesome!


Audioholics got to 'break' this story:

The biggest highlightes are:

- YPAO room equalization via included mic and 7-band parametric EQ
- Increased amplifier power
- THX Select
- Component video up-conversion
- 3 coax SPDIF inputs (OK, so this one's big for me!)

All in all it looks good. Audioholics should be reviewing some of these units very shortly.

Good stuff!


I'm afraid these new units will still sound like what Yamaha's have sounded like the last 15 years or so and that's not good in my opinion. Whatever happened to the great Yamaha sound of the late 70's and early 80's? To much emphasis on dsp modes and not enough attention paid to amp quality I guess. I use to love Yamaha and bought a 992 when dolby digital came out. Returned it the same day as it was terrible. There is just something missing in the sound of these receivers.Great features, poor sound.


I really have to agree. I currently have a Yamaha R-240 (their entry level receiver at the time) purchased about 1980 that I use in my garage to listen to music when working either in the yard or in the garage. It sounds a whole lot better than any Yamaha I have heard for the past ten years, regarless of price. I cannot understand how they lost their way--they used to promote the fact that their roots were as a musical instrument manufacturer and that they got the sound "right." In the mid to late seventies, they had the best sound, bar none.

I have heard a new RX-V740 lately and while I think it is certainly an improvement over the x30 line (which was horrible, IMO), there is nothing special about it, either. I think you are right, Elitefan--too many toys and not enough emphasis on getting good quality sound.
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