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I must be a real idiot, but I'm setting up a new receiver and can't seem to figure out how to get my tv to play out of my speakers if I'm not using a DVD. I'm guessing I need to go from the tv out to some input on the receiver but can't seem to do it. Can someone please help. Thanks.

Also I heard that the DVD video should go directly to the tv rather than through the receiver. Is this true? I thought I should hook everything to the receiver and then hook up the receiver to the tv. Please confirm which way is better.

You need to connect a FIXED Audio-out from the TV to an AUX input on your receiver. Disable the TV's speakers in its setup menu. Your TV's volume control will no longer function, though you will see the volume bar go across the screen. The receiver controls the audio now.

Sending the DVD directly to the TV may produce a slightly better picture but you give up the receiver's switching funtions.

See my two long posts in Home Video > DVD Players > DVD to VCR to TV to Stereo hook up.

Hope this helps.

Thanks for the help Derek. I did what you recommended with the TV volume and it now does work through the speakers. I actually don't have to disable the tv speakers. What I'm doing is simply muting the tv when I want to listen to the tv through the receiver (sports, movies)but use the tv speakers for regular programming. Is there anything wrong with doing it this way?

Hmm.. When watching dvd's I hook up the dvd player directly to the receiver for audio. I go from digital coaxial out on the dvd player to digital coaxial in on the receiver. Assuming your equipment has these connections, this is probably the best way to hook your system up.

Nope. That's a good idea.
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