College student needs guidance


Hello all and thanks for taking the time to read this post.

I am currently going to be a college sophmore and decided to upgrade from my computer 5.1 altck lansing speakers.

I enjoy pure powerful sound.

A buddie of mine and I are now building speakers from scratch using parts from
5/8 inch MDF
liquid nails

we will are using
3 silk dome riben tweaters
2 planar tweeters
2 five inch drivers
2 5.5 inch drivers
2 six inch drivers
1 12 inch subwoofer

sorry... i dont have further specs on them at the moment.

WHICH comes to the two questions...

i am in the market for a reciever.
im trying to stay under 350$

i am also wondering how to power the sub.
as of now i will be using an older stereo.
is it worth it to buy a amp?

so if anyone could send reccomendations my way
i would greatly appreciate them.

i am currently lookign for a used
Harman Kardon 320 or 520
Panasonic ???VSX-D811S or -912K???
ONKIO or maybe a great deal on a ONKIO Elite?
and have heard a small buzz about Outlaw...

some recievers say 6.1 and htey are 100*6 which means i can reprogram the sixth channel to be my sub? and not need an amp?

again thanks for your time


You should be able to get an Onkyo 600 for $350 now that the 601 is out. PartsExpress sells sub amp that go inside the box. They sometimes have them on sale for $59.

Five way speakers and a sub... why not buy Klipcsh or Infinity? They both make VERY efficient speakers that should be loud enough to blur your vision.

Hope this helps.

onkyo... ill check em out
350 new?


i didn't buy speakers because i desired to build some... i've allways wanted to


It's Pioneer that makes the 912K not Panasonic, you should be able to get one new for around $300. Onecall has refurbed HK's but I think they are over $350.

John K.
Ben, good luck with your speaker-building project. Two fine receivers available for around $300 are the JVC 8030 and Pioneer 912. It probably would be best for you to also get a separate sub amp from Parts Express. No, you can't use the 6th back surround amp on most receivers(including the 8030 and 912)to run the sub. Besides the power, you also need to send the right signal to the sub so that it plays all the bass that it's supposed to. On all but a few receivers the 6th amp carries only the signal, including bass, for the back surround, which is just a small part of the total bass. A few, such as the Kenwood 7070, do have provisions for switching things so that the 6th amp gets the subwoofer signal instead of the back surround signal, so its your decision.
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