Looking for a reciever to pair with JBL SCS150SI


Would like to spend less around $300. Small room, do not need many bells and whistles just DTS. Was thinking Yamaha's RX-V530, HTR-5540, or HTR-5550. If the powered sub is 150 watts, and the reciever supports 75 watts to each channel... does that mean it can't support the sub? Need help, as you can see, I'm clueless to this!

Actually, I've been deciding between these speaker sets. The room is only about 100 sq. feet so I guess I should consider that as well. Still, I want to feel the bass from the sub, so I'm willing to go a little overboard to get that rumble. I currently have a small bass reflex non-powered sub from an old Cambridge SoundWorks set and I can hardly even hear it. Which ones would you not bother with? It seems Bose is very expensive and I might be able to do better by going with any one of the others. Trying to get a room filling, deep bass, stomach trembling, sound under $700.

Cambridge SoundWorks MovieWorks 58
Cambridge SoundWorks MovieWorks 106
Bose Acoustimass 3 Series IV

Would concentrate on a good powered sub first,and then a decent 5 speaker set for the mains, center and surrounds.A 10 inch sub with a built in amp will do the trick,an 8 inch sub might but for the diffence in price I would still lean to a 10".If you get a good powered sub,the load is taken off the satellite speakers.Just make sure you get a set that matches,don't get a pair of mains and then try to get of satellites and center speakers to match.Unless they are from the same manufacturer and can be matched.
As for a reciever,the kenwoood 6070 is a good deal right now,it has a channel that can be used for a sixth channel surround or can be used to drive that Cambridge sub if you really want bass.Or maybe buy that reciever,buy your satellite speaker set and use that old sub on the sixth channel and see if that is enough bass,if not enough bass,THEN you can buy a powered sub.I was going to get that reciever but it was over 600 bucks,but now it is less than 400.I bought a panasonic sahe100 on sale for 200 and it does agreat job but my sixth channel is for strictly 6.1 ,an extra surround channel.I went for the JBL northridge system but it was around 800.Hope that helps.

go for the yamaha 5540. 75 watts go to the sats, plug to lfe on sub (it maintains its 150 watts), and you're set. the downfall to this model is that it has limited input....just enough for a dvd, satellite/cable, and maybe a game console. for only $199 shipped at etronics.com, i bought it for my bud's bday. yamaha makes clean and natural sound at a very affordable price. i wish i didn't buy my big a$$ pioneer last year...i would've bought a yamaha if i knew then what i do now.

btw, i'm thinking of buying the jbl scs150...how are they? i want clean, tight bass from my movies and music. does the sub deliver??? the best buy displays i've seen are connected all wrong (in 3 different stores!!!!). thanks in advance for all your inputs!
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