Questions about HK AVR 325 and 525


I am considering to upgrade my cheap Sony receiver to a decent receiver. HK is the first name came to my mind.
But I am a little bit concerned about the "Made in China" label on the back of the machine. Well, you know, I am not very confident by the products from China. Does it matter?
Also, I may also upgrade my speakers to some 4 ohm models, and I didn't find any information of these two receiver related to the 4 ohm speakers. I searched a lot of different websites, but all I can find is the rating for 8 ohm speakers. Is these guys powerful enough for 4 ohm speakers? If anyone can provide any websites or further information will be appreciated.
Thanks a lot.

It'll easily power speakers with a 4 ohm load. HK's have much power in reserve and can be used with 4 ohm speakers. From the Harman website...

"All Harman Kardon Audio/Video receivers can handle most 4 and 6 ohm speakers on the market today. However, there are some manufacturers' speakers that have a minimum impedance well below the 4 and 6 ohm nominal impedance. In this situation, the receiver will protect itself by going into standby mode. This will not damage the speakers or the electronics, but it is an indication that the speaker in question is not compatible with our receiver. Note: The continued use of the receiver with speakers that cause it to shut down can result in eventual failure of the receiver which is not covered by the warranty. "

Made in China vs where else?
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