Bridging the kenwood basic m2


can anybody tell me if it`s possible to bridge the Kenwood basic M2 power amp and if so how?
any info would be greatly has sigma drive,(neg. feedback to the speakers through seperate wires). does this preclude this amp from bridging? i`ve owned my amp since new (20 years) and it`s blown up twice in that time,so now i`m really committed to hanging on to it as it`s cost me. i have to say though , that i love it and i really appreciate being able to buy new parts(ex japan) for it. if it`s bridgeable i may consider purchasing a second,for my home theatre system, since they`re not so highly sought after,(i`m either avant garde or a naive dickhead). My ears tell me that it`s a great amp, however and i don`t care what other`s think. i`m sure there are other amps that are possibly cheaper that sound cheaper,(should read better.........freudian slip i think) but i don`t own them(or care). If you have some web site or useful information, email me with your email address if applicable or a www. address.
thank you
with much appreciation
paul in victoria australia (a great place to live)xoxoxo
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