H1pst3r, or anyone else - HK 525 cooling fan???


Just got my HK525, sounds sweet. Have a couple of questions, though:
1. Is the cooling fan suppose to come on as soon as the unit is turn on or as it gets hot? If so, how hot is it suppose to get before fan comes on? Mine is running pretty hot and fan does not kick on. Is this a defect?
2. How can I prevent the on sreen display from coming on when watching a movie and want to lower/raise the volume?


Hey RB,

Congrats on the new gear. As far as the cooling fan is concerned, basically, it shouldn't come on. It shouldn't come on at power-up, or during any normal or even aggressive daily use.

The only exception being if it's crapmed into a cabinet with little area for heat dissipation or if you have another piece of gear sitting directly on top of it.

I deliberately got mine to come on (after having a bit of your fear that it *wasn't* coming on) by cranking the holy hell out of it (I want to say at +5db). It came on for a bit and then shut back off. It *is* working but it only kicks in when the thermal sensor tells it to. If it never comes on it just means that you've positioned the gear well and it has space to breath...it will get pretty warm though.

I now have a spacer between it and my DVD player which sits above it (mainly so my DVD player doesn't get too hot), but with a three inch spacer between the two. I'll post a picture eventually.

The OSD you're seeing is the "semi-OSD" which can be defeated in the advanced menu of the full OSD. Hit the OSD button on your remote and switch your TV input so you can see it. Click to "advanced" on the menu and click "off" for "semi-OSD"

God, I actually sound like the HK manual...

Hope this helps,


Dear h1pst3r,

I am thinking of buying a HK525, but I am not sure what speakers to get. I dont want to spend more than $1000 for the speakers. What do you think of the Modulus system by Infinity???

Hey h1pst3r,

Thanks for the info on the "SEMI-OSD" and cooling fan. Yes, unit is well ventilated.

Question: Do I need to have an IR remote connected to the 525 to operate the second zone speakers from the main room, or is there a way to bypass this?

happy listening

Hey H1,
I meant to say "IR sensor", but you know what I meant.

Thanks again

2 Elbarno,
I have the klipsh reference 3 system and I'll say man these are bad!! Sleek, capturing sound, and great POWER HANDLING. Can't beat those horns. I used to be a big fan of infinity & jbl, now I'm a big klipsh follower. The systm. complete w/ctr(RC3II), flrs(RF3II), rears(RS3II), and a sub(KSW12). Will run you a little over $1000 about $1400 if you can find a great deal on the net.After hearing them, you will know where that extra money went. Hope I helped.
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