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I don't understand DENON's policy of not honoring its warranty unless the unit was purchased from an "authorized dealer" (i.e. not discounted) This doesn't seem legal. If its a factory fresh unit purchased from a legitimate retailer how can they not honor the warranty? Where do the "unauthorized dealers" ( or the units they sell if not from DENON - the black market?

They are not authorized dealers, and if you look on Denons website they will tell you that they will not honro the warranty if not purchased from an authorized dealer. This is no different than any of the major manufacturers including kenwood. And yes they are "purchased" from a type of black market source.

connection man
They may but from a Factory Outlet (i.e., refurbished) and sell as new. They may replace the internal electronics (i.e., a radio shack reciever with a Marantz aluminum case). Try to buy authorized, or from a direct factory outlet.

What a crock of sh*t. It's all about control of the distributino channel and keeping the prices up by limiting the available suppliers. The "authorized dealers" merely get a guarantee of high mark up and in return, they push Denon. It's a good product, but a rotten distribution policy. I won't buy one because of it (and I AM in the market for a high end AV receiver).

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Think of it another way... It really comes down to saving, or paying for, the cost of a full USA warranty. When you buy through the manufacturer's "authorized" dealer channels, you're paying for a full-service warranty. If you buy it from a deep discounter, the product usually comes from an overseas (non-USA) distributor. If you pick your on-line dealer carefully, however, you can find a few who offer dealer warranty support which is at least as good as what you'd get with an "official" USA warranty.

Ya pays yer money and takes yer choice. So quitcher b*tchin.. you got what you paid for!

I plan to buy with etronics
they sell the 638dvd for only $590.. by far the cheapest place

Etronics says it comes with US warranty, but you all say Denon won't honor them?
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