KLH HA 7000 reviews anyone?


Has anyone bought this home theater in a box system at Best Buy? feedbacks and reviews would be appreciated. The reason is i bought one and im wondering if they are satisfied with the system as i am cause it was a bargain in my opinion.

I got one for X-mas, but am having a few probs playing DVD's. It seems to cut-out and freeze in certain parts of a few of my movies. I'm still learning about DVD's and players to decide if it's thermal (overheating) or if my player is having probs reading first track of 2nd layer ?

Seems like same problem mentioned here:

hmmm havent tried it out as a dvd that much, but i will look into it since i use it mostly to play music. Plus what movie did you use that makes it freeze up so i can test it out?. If not I have LOTR Extended edition dvd to test it out. Since its 3hrs 30min and i know where the layer changes are i will have a pretty good idea if its overheating or layer changing. And to comment on the sound it sounds excellent for a 160watt system no complaints here.

Mine was a piece of junk I'm afraid. The first one was locking up all over the place so it went back to the store next day. The next one lasted about 2 months before it wouldn't play at all. It just locked up totally and you had to unplug it and plug it back in just to get it to open to get the disk out. I sent it back to the factory, $25 in shipping ! ! ! Have not gotten it back yet, it's been about a month and a half. The performance was pretty impressive compared to the cost, $140. But I would NOT buy another one, that is for sure!
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