Rotel or Sony???


First off, let me say that I am on a strict budget - I am currently looking at 2 different receivers, Sony STR-DA2ES and Rotel RSX-1055 - I can purchase the Sony for $599 or the Rotel for $1299 - I have listened to both and I like both. but in a show room, it is hard to really get a good feel for how it will react with my equipment. Is the Rotel (consider my equipment) really worth the extra $$$? I will be using this 85% home theater 15% music. Any and all advice is much appreciated !!!!!-
equipment list:
Panasonic 42" Plasma
Sony DVP NS900V
Paradigm CC-370 center
Paradigm Monitor 7v2 frts
Paradigm Mini Monitor v2 rears
Paradigm PDR 10 sub

anybody...? please....

I have a similar setup with Monitor 7 CC370 Atom rear and PW2200 sub. I am driving them with a Denon 1603.
I too am thinking about rotel BUT and this is a big one I listen to more than 15% music. For home theatre sound I really can't see the roteal being 2x as good on movies. For less money you could probably buy the Sony and trade in the PDR 10 on a PW 2200. I think you would notice MUCH more difference from the improved bass of the sub than with the marginal improvment in sound with the Rotel.

I found a huge differnce between the PDR 12 and PW 2200. Also if the Sony has preouts you could always add amps to it later and have way more power than the Rotel.

If I switch from the 1603 it will either be a 1065 (100 wpc) or a 1055 with a sepaarate 2 channel amp (125 wpc) for music.

Jamie - thanks a lot for the info - I think I am going to go with the Sony for now just due to the pure cost - we are moving into a new house and that extra $700.00 could be spent other areas. You recomend a PW 2200, huh. Well, I have lived in an apartment for the past 3 years and I can't wait to actually hear the PDR 10 for the first time in a few weeks. I will definetly keep your suggestion in mind.
I have read any reivews I could find on the Rotel and everybody syas it is GREAT for music! I think you will be happy!
thanks again!
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