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Does anyone out there have an Integra receiver. I have compared them with many others and for the price they seem to be a good deal. I have been looking at the DTR 5.3 and 6.3. Any comments would be appreciated.

Integra is an Onkyo receiver. I have not heard
great things about them for the price. Save the money and get an Onkyo.

Plus they are fugly considering how much they cost, go ROTEL!

Anonymous, You know absolutely nothing about Integra. Stop it with your useless comments!!!I suggest anyone interested in the integra line give it a listen and ask questions. They are a good value for the money.

I originally had the Onkyo 797 but returned it and purchased a Denon 4802. I wanted more power. The Denon was a total disappointment. Very poor bass, sounded thin and was horrible with two channel music. I exchanged the Denon for an Integra 8.2. The only difference in a comparable Onkyo is that the Integra has the CHAD remote included. The 797 sounded identical to the Integra so I can't recommend Integra as a value.
The Integra developed the popping sound in the speakers that is common on Onkyo's so it was replaced. The replacement is now being under warranty for the same defect.
Not wanting to be without power I purchased a Kenwood 6070. In the past I have owned or had all of these in my system: B&K, Yamaha, Technics, HK, Denon and Marantz.
The Kenwood surpasses them all in everything except two channel music but this is only a small part of my listening. BTW, the Kenwood is only 100 watts and the Integra is 110 but the kenwood is more powerful sounding.
You can always spend more but you will not always get better sound.
wkieslin is correct in saying that you should give it a listen. It matters not what others think because your listening choices will not likely be the same as theirs.

i found this board in a search for reviews of the integra 6.3 ( i just bought it) i was curious what others thought of it. uhm...has anyone besides "HTMAN" ever heard one? i have owned many, many receivers. for the money nothing beats the 6.3, simply stated, it offers the best value/performance ratio this side of the wendy's 99 cent menu

I have the 6.3 and like it! Can you program your remote to control the satilite receiver?

You can have the Onkyo TX700 and it is the same receiver. The only thing that changes is the COM port on the back of the Integra which the Onkyo does not have. I have the Integra with a Canton Movie 10CX and it sounds very good. But you can save and get the Onkyo. The specs are the same. I have never had any problem and have been using Integra/Onkyo receivers for quite some years now.

Integra owner
extremely satisfied with the 6.3 receiver from Integra...It is not widely discussed on this board because it is NOT available at most retail stores, BB,CC etc..

I actually own the DTR-7.3 and i'm really satisfied of it... I was thinking to buy the DTR-8.3 but didn't have the $$$ for it... mostly just for the remote... that is not missing at all
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