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i bought the Onkyo HT500 speaker set with the onkyo tx sr500 5.1 receiver. i have since returned the sr500 for the 6.1 tx sr501. i want the keep the ht500's but i now need a rear surround speaker. can i move my current center channel to the back and get a new bigger center channel? or would i want to just buy a rear surround speaker of onkyo's website?

John K.
Budd, if you're satisfied with the sound of the HT500s you can certainly keep them and switch the center speaker to the rear surround position(try it vertically; it may sound a bit better). With no center speaker, at least temporarily, set the center speaker to no on the 501, which will then form a "phantom" center from the main speakers as long as you're about in the center.

The surround center is not THAT important. The front center IS. Most movies do not have the rear center encoded and playing some movies through 6.1 actually sounds worse because the two side surrounds get folded into the center rear channel.

I'd leave the front center where it is and get a rear center at your leasure. The front center is probably the most important speaker in Surround.

Hope this helps.

well, the 501 is going back. i'm getting a Onkyo tx sr800 from a friend for $500. it still has 2 years on the warranty so i'm taking my chances. now my question, can i use the HT500 speakers with this receiver? its going in my room for now, so it won't be that loud. i just don't want to pop my speakers

John K.
Budd, you can make the same speaker switch if you care to and there's no problem with the 800 driving them. Regardless of how much maximum power output a receiver has, the speakers draw only as much as they need at the moment(which is about 1 watt much of the time). I would note that your receiver is quite a bit more expensive than your speakers and that it's generally considered better to spend the greater amount on the speakers.

You can still use your HT500 speakers, but you're not doing the SR800 justice by pairing it with a lower end set of speakers. This will be like putting regular gas in a 911 Porsche.
If you decide to keep your HT500, think upgrade!!

Porche owner

yeah, i know that i'll need to upgrade my speakers now that i have a new reciever. but idon't have the $ to right now. i was just wondering if the ht500 speaker set could handle the 800 receiver until i can afford to upgrade. i was really happy with the 501 receiver, its just that the 800 was to good of a deal to turn down.

what kind of speakers would you guys recommend? nothing to highend mind you. thanks for the replies guys

Pro-Linear if your in Canada

John K.
Budd, for excellent speakers at a moderate price(but quite a bit more than the HT500s)check
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