Quick question regarding onkyo txs r600


i just purchased this receiver. i have hooked up my ps2 using RCA's into the receiver and use s-video connection for my monitor out. i don't get any signal on the tv unless i change the monitor out connection to RCA's as well. is this normal? my problem is that i have 2 other video devices for which i want to use s-video (dvd and replay tv) but i'm not sure if i will be able to do so, or if i will have to connect them with RCA's as well. this is my first receiver so please pardon my ignorance. thanks in advance for the help.

I believe you have to be consistant in your inputs/outputs......an composite in will be output on the composite video out...s-video in to s-video out...component video in to component video out...

so if your tv has an s-video in, make all your connections s-video...I believe video switching/converting ie from composite to s-video is only on much more expensive receivers...


thanks for your help! is there some kind of coverter i can use. i realize i wouldn't get s-video quality but if there was an adapter of some kind which would allow the coversion i would be very interested in it. it would at least allow me to view my other components using s-video. thanks.

I am currently looking for an user manual for an ONKYO TXS v636
Is there any place where I can order a manual like that.
I got some problems with connecting to set of speakers to the amplifier.

Thanks in advance

I just recently ordered the Onkyo HT-S755DVC which ships with the Onkyo TX-SR600 receiver that you're talking about. I have never hooked one of these things up before.

I thought that if you hook something up to the receiver, you're done, that's it. As long as the receiver is connected to the TV, you'll have access to everything connected to it.

From what you're saying, it sounds like once you hook something up to the receiver you then have to output it to the television also. Composite in means Composite Out. Or Component in means Component out. As the Anonymous user states you have to be consistant in you inputs and outputs. But that confuses me.

In Radish's case, wouldn't you simply connect the Playstation to the receiver, and the receiver to the television, and then you're all done?


William - the Onkyo TX-SR600 does not do video conversion (ie S-video in travels through S-video out, but S-video in will NOT travel through component out). Only very high end receivers are capable of converting one type of signal to another and this requires expensive video circuitry.

I think the user manual for the SR600 does a pretty good job of explaining this, and it can be downloaded from Onkyo's website.

Thanks. I'll do that now.
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