What is THD and is the THD (~1%25) any good on the Pioneer VSX-D912K?


I'm looking into buying the Pioneer VSX-D912K. It gives a lot of features for a decent price ($300) which is perfect for me. My question is is the THD (~1%25) a problem and are Pioneer receivers any good? I was going to by the Harman Kardon AVR-225 for about $50 more than the Pioneer; however, the Pioneer has a lot more of the bells and whistles that I want. Please Help!!!


John K.
Jeff, go with the bells and whistles; features are all-important in picking your receiver. I don't know what you mean by the 25 after %, but that Pioneer 1% spec is with all channels driven in surround operation, and is far lower in typical operation(and if they rated it at 100 watts rather than the 110 they advertise to make it seem "bigger"). Even 1% of harmonic distortion isn't audible when playing music rather than pure test tones, so even that figure would be harmless in the real world. As you said, the 912 offers a lot for the money; go with it.
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