Component video switching


I recently bought a Pioneer SVX d711s, I hooked the component video from my reciever out to my component input on the back of my phillips 27' flat. I hooked my PSII component video into my receiver's DVD input. I also hooked my computer's S-Video up to my receiver's TV S-Video input.

My problem is I get no picture for any of them when I switch. What am I doing wrong?

Greg Lee
For the component connection from PSII to receiver to TV: Did you set up the receiver to assign its component input to the DVD device? Did you switch the TV's input mode to tell it to display the signal coming in to its component input? (Why don't you connect the component output of the PSII directly to the TV?)

For the S-Video connection from your computer to your TV, did you switch the TV's input mode?

If answers are "yes", then I dunno.


After all was said and done, I did end up connecting my PSII directly to the back of the tv. I was just hoping to make it a little easier by running it through the receiver.

I guess it's best to just run audio and not video through the receiver.


Unless you have 2 or more devices using the same type of connector, it's not going to be any easier using the receiver. It doesn't do video conversion between s-video and component.
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