Yamaha HTR-5560 sound problems...


I have a Yamaha HTR-5560 receiver. When I play movies like Pearl Harbor, Matrix, Star War2... I can't select DTS sound, why is that? and plus I can barely hear ppl talk. It has an echoing sound instead of pure clear sound. The explosive, gun shots, music sound are great. I can hear that pure and clear. How do I fix this problem? My setup is like this. I have 5 speakers hookup to my receiver (center,2fronts,2rears). I don't have a subwoofer yet, therefore i direct the subwoofer to the 2 front speakers. I have an optical cable connect from dvd to receiver, and I also have 6 channels input from dvd to receiver. I was wondering, could it be because i don't have a subwoofer? And about DTS sound, I'd checked on my dvd player decoder. It says "DTS" and I selected "original" instead of "PCM". Can somebody give me a basic run down on these stuffs. Any inputs will be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!


DTS can only be selected on the dvd player. The only thing to select on the reciever would be Pro-Logic. When the reciever detects that it is recieving a DTS signal it will automatically switch to and decode the signal. The same with Dolby Digital. Also some of the movies you listed are not DTS encoded. I know that Star wars isn't and I think that The Matrix isn't either. Pearl Harbor is though so when you put it in select audio set-up and then DTS. If you dvd player is set up properly you should start getting sound. You may have to check the setup of your dvd player and turn the DTS output to on ( a few of them default to off ). It also sounds like you have DVD-Audio or SACD, what dvd player do you have?
For a list of DTS encoded movies visit dtsonline
About your center not playing it's not the lack of sub. It sounds like you need to check the setup on the reciever. On your remote hit setup and the screen should read "speaker setup". Hit the down button to select which speakers to adjust(front,center,rear,sub) and the left or right button to make your adjustment(none, small, large). Make sure you select small unless you have a full tower speaker as your center. Also double check your wiring. If that doesn't fix the problem then check the center speaker by connecting it to a front channel. There is also the oddball chance that the reciever is just defective. If you like you can e-mail me with more details or questions.
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