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I am looking for a unique amp/receiver solution for friend. He has 2 rooms both running from same source. Ea. room has 2 speakers, but the key is that the main room needs a Sub. I am having a hard time finding the correct solution, becasue every MFR. seems to make only 2 channel no sub or over kill theater applications. Have thought about running both rooms in parallel from Speaker A using a Marantz PM 7200 and using Speaker B for Sub only. Any thoughts? BTW, I know that the speakers are going to play an imprtatn role for this solution and I have not decided on them, until I get the Source figured out...

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Why do you need a dedicated subwoofer output? In the main room run the connection to the high level inputs on the sub (the speaker level inputs) and you will have solved the problem. The amplifier will be running full range to both sets of speaker outputs. The main room will be running a subwoofer and the secondary room will be running the speakers full range without a subwoofer.

Other wise, if that complicates the issue too much, find an amplifier with pre amp outputs. The same configuration is used execept now you are running the connection to the sub's low level input. For this method, you would use a "Y" connector to split the pre amp's output and one leg would go to the sub and the other would go back into the main amp inputs. The sub's dedicated Xo would be used to determine the crossover frequency for the sub to operate.


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I am confused by your first solution. I do not have a problem with that type of connection for the sub, but the receiver could be. the PM7200 has 2 channels over speaker A and speaker B. So, I am not sure if you are agreeing that my solution of running the 2 rooms (4 speakers) in parellel over the Speaker A outputs and the Subwoofer on Speaker B on the high level connections will be the only solution considering the Source/Receiver.

Do you have a favorite Preamp/Amplifier solution?

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Apart from simply using the speaker leads you can also do this at line level. All you need is an amplifier with two sets of speaker outputs and one set of preamp outs. You can connect one of the preamp outputs to the low level input on the sub and drive the separate sets of speakers using the A+B switches.

Most Rotel amps from the RA-01 and other brands such as Arcam have this facility.


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I think I may have found a solution. the H/K 3380 and 3480 both have SUB out. Thanks for your help...
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