Help with video switching


I am interested in buying a new receiver to match with my Acoustimass 15 speakers. So far, I have narrowed my options to the following:

1.- HK AVR-525 (7.1 plus multizone capability, E-Z set remote control & assignable front panel
connectors, among others)
2.- Onkyo TX-SR 700 (up-convert video capability???, though only 6.1 channels)
3.- Yamaha RX-V2300 (6.1 channels; besides, I used to own another yamaha and it sounded very nice).

Still, before buying this equipment, I'd like to clear some thoughts regarding video switching before making my final decision. How does the video switching works exactly?

For example, if I hook my DVD player (Component), satellite tv (s-video) and my VHS vcr (composite)to the receiver, can everything be output from the receiver through the component video output?, or, will I need three different connections out of this receiver (one for each type of connection/source) into the TV?

I read in an answer by h1pst3r in the anonymous post "Harman kardon avr 525 & polk's 6700 speakers" that the Onkyo receivers can up-convert the video signals from composite to s-video and digitally up-convert all audio inputs, but I don't know in which models.

Any help in clarifying this issue will be greatly appreciated

Phil Krewer

The Onkyo TX-SR700 can convert composite to S-video and several people on this board has expressed their pleasure with this receiver. I'm not sure about the other two receivers. H1p can tell you about the AVR-525. All three are good choices for receivers.

The only receivers that I know of that will convert composite and s-video to component are the Denon 3803 and the Denon 5803. But, I could be wrong about this. So with the receivers you are looking at you would probably have to have at least two connections to your TV.

If I'm not mistaken you can buy equipment that will do the conversion for you but I have no idea what this would cost.

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