Onkyo TX-SR600 Problems


I just brought a Onkyo TX-SR600 and the Wharfedale Diamond 8 Cinema speaker package. After hooking everything up I tried spinning a few CDs and was pretty impressed. Next I tried a few DVDs to test out the systems surround sound capabalities. Thats when I noticed that the right channels (both the front and surround) were considerably muted compared to the left channels. In addition the centre speaker is also somewhat muted. I checked all the connections (i used Jensen Thunderwire, bare wire connections) and everything looked ok. So i try tweaking the recievers level control which is supposed to counter this kind of problem by boosting volume levels to particular speakers. I tweaked with this a bit but then when i tried playing some DVDs the TX-SR600 would cut off after 2 or 3 minutes of play. I didn't turn the volume up, the sound just cut off and "PROTECT" would flash across the reciever display. If i turned the reciever back on it would cut off almost immediately. The same thing now happens with CDs as well. This is still the case after i turned all the level control settings back to their defaults.

Any help on this matter is much appreciated.

To stop the cutoff I believe you have to unplug the receiver then plug it in again, this should reset it.
Make double sure your speaker cables are not touching one another or crossed when plugging them into the receiver. How are you plugging your DVD into the receiver? Optical cable through the DVD input?

Yes thats exactly what im doing. When you say unplug, do you mean unplug all wires connecting into it, or just the main power cable. The onkyo machine has an inbuilt memory which i think is not affected by power supply.

thanx for your help anyway.

I don't have the 600 so I don't know the specific settings you can change. I have the 700 and I didn't have to do any major adjusting to hear the correct sound. One thing I made a mistake of when originally plugging in my receiver was to put a + wire into a - terminal of the receiver. For some reason, when I played CDs, the music was awesome but when playing movies I could really hear the problem. So I switched the cables and everything is fine now.
Have you tried unplugging the receiver from the power outlet and plugging it back in? Does it reset? There might be a command to reset the settings in the manual.
Since your left channel works fine, it seems to me that it could be a connection issue rather than a receiver problem. But, I wouldn't rule out the possiblity of a defective receiver.
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