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hi all...need a little help...
I recently purchased a TEAC integrated stereo amplifier from a reputable source.

The specifications of which, are as given below:
power output:50 W + 50 W (RMS) (8ohms)
total harmonic distortion: better than 0.05%
frequency response: 5 Hz to 30,000Hz (-3db)
input sensitivity: all inputs: 300mV
impedance: 100kilo ohms

They are currently hooked up to my Sony Discman and a pair of speakers, which belong to my old Sony Mini-HiFi Component System.

I would soon like to upgrade to a pair of floor-standing speakers with an inbuilt sub-woofer.

I would like to know what are the issues I should pay attention to when it comes to the compatibility of my TEAC amplifier and the speakers that I intend to buy.
What should be the technical specifications of such speakers if they are to work seamlessly with my TEAC amplifier?

Please please help
Thank you


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Well, this may not be helpful but depending on how loud you listen and how big your speakers are. 50W may be a little light for some big floor standers. All else being equal, I suggest looking at the sensitivity rating on the speaker. High sensitivity means less power needed to drive the sound. If you make your amp work beyond its limits you get 'clipping'. A distortion of sound that can damage speakers. Having a self-powered subwoofer will lighten the load on the amp.

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Much depends on the size of your room. If the room is medium to large I would say to get a pair of Definitive Technology 2006TL towers (if you can afford them as they list at $1200/pr) that have a self-powered woofer built into them. Hopefully you can find them at 15-20% off or get them even cheaper used at

Otherwise you should look for a very efficient speaker at 91db or better--such as one of the Klipsch models.

Obviously you should listen to these to see if they appeal to you. But asking your TEAC to drive a built-in subwoofer may strain the power envelope and cause clipping of the amp and/or too much unpleasant distortion when played loud.

As I don't know what your TEAC drives (wattage-wise) into real life speaker loads it is probably wise to get a Def Tech. If their towers are too expensive for you, you might try their less expensive power woofer large bookshelf speakers, which are less expensive. They give suprisingly excellent bass response too.
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