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Hi all.
What do u think would be the best amplifier pairing with the speakers JMlab Chorus 716S? In particular among the following brands:

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That's an excellent speaker. It can be matched by amplifiers and sources which reveal a great deal. The minimum NAD I would use would be the C352. The minimum Rotel would be the RA-03. I am not a fan of Marantz amps (just not my cup of tea) so I can't comment there.

These are the minima. Matching a pair of 716Ss with a better amplifier and source would be just as valid and would reap benefits since the speakers will show the difference that the better fidelity amplifiers would enjoy.


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Just listen to some amps...and keep Marantz in the short list...the PM 7200 is excellent, I own one myself, although I like the NAD Frank mentioned too.
The Marantz is sweeter sounding with a larger and deeper soundstage than the NAD. NAD is more dynamic and with better control and drive...blah,blah..forget this boring audio talk, listen and try to decide to which amp you like to listen longer...for me it was the Marantz, I can play loud and very long sessions without listening fatigue, the sound hardly hardens, the NAD however was just a bit too dry for my taste. (with some cd's the drum and bass hit so hard that it became uncomfortable)
It also could be a mismatch between NAD and Dynaudio, I'm not sure...Dynaudio did actually sound gorgeous with the Marantz.
I heard the Marantz with jmLabs too, the 706s bookshelve speakers...very nice, like B&W 601 S3 speakers, but without the somewhat aggressive treble the B&W's can have.
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