DVD-AUdio and Receiver compatibility


I've just foubd out that to enjoy the DVD-audio a receiver should have a freq response of 8hz-44khz and a HTD no more than 0.008%. Do you have any idea which receivers meet these spec's?

Thank you

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8Hz-44kHz and 0.008% THD sounds like a spec for DVD-A 96/24 playback. (Incidentally, DVD-A also has a stereo only 192/24 mode, which doubles your uppper frequency). Your receiver spec does not necessarily need to match this for you to enjoy DVD-Audio.

For starters, even if your receiver can work up to 44kHz (or 88kHz) and down to 8Hz, you still need speakers that can deliver the goods. I know of few that claim to go to 44kHz (and none to 88kHz), and 8Hz is lower than any subwoofer I am aware of can play. Then you have to tune up your ears to work outside 20Hz-20kHz (or even lower at the high end, depending on your age and gender) ...

Yes, I have heard the arguments that beat frequencies of the ultrasonic waves fall in the audible spectrum, but I ask whether these beat frequencies are (a) necessary or (b) even desirable on playback:

a) If the beat frequencies are an important part of the music then surely they are recorded along with the rest of the audible information to begin with, and do not need to be reproduced on playback.

b) If you do form (additional) beat frequencies on playback, then what guarantee do you have that what is generated in the audio environment of your living room will actually be appropriate?

I will, however, buy some of the argument that infrasonic frequencies, while inaubible, are definitely feelable. Trying to find recordings that go as low as 8Hz may be hard.

To my mind, and I am prepared to be educated otherwise, the main benefit of DVD-Audio is that the sampling effects are pushed way out of the audible spectrum, so at 20kHz, or wherever your hearing cuts out, things sound better than they do on CD (which is sampled at 44.1kHz, and is limited to 20kz audio).

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Goose has it.

Let me simplify: to enjoy DVD-audio, all you need is a disc, a player, and a 5.1 surround sound system where the receiver/amp will accept all channels as analogue inputs.

Everything else is the same: good speakers are good speakers, power is power, etc. etc. DVD-A can certainly deliver a wider range of sound frequencies you cannot hear. But the system is for you, not passing bats (which navigate by ultrasound).
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