Some advice please!


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Hi all,

I need some advice on my first receiver for my very first ht system(7.1) Currently I have:

1) Paradigm Titan - planning to use as front speakers.
2) Athena Micra 6 - will be used for center/surround/rear speakers until I get some decent set.
3) Sonic Impact T-Amp for my titan's.
4) Toshiba SD-5980 dvd-player.
5) Sony KD-36XS955, 36" tube...

I managed to gather them around $1,700 - money is definitely a concern for me - married a month ago!

I kinda reduced my options to a few receivers; at this point I'm just stuck! This system will be used 70% movies / 30% music (rock&jazz). Here are my selections:

1) Pioneer 1015 - $377
2) Denon AVR-785S - $285
3) Marantz 5500 - $475
4) H/K 335 or 435 - unknown yet
5) other - please fill in (price should be reasonable)

Tonight, I lean towards pioneer and denon. I believe denon is the best bang-for-the-buck, only drawback is lack of auto setup calibration with microphone & auto room equalization.

I'm reading and reading but still so confused about thx, bi-amp, crossover, calibration, zone 2, self-learning remote controls, yada yada meter... and to be honest little scared too.

Please give me a hand!


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Forgot to add - I don't have any chance to demo these units.

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I just purchased a Denon avr 885 to replace an old Sony receiver. I narrowed my choices down to H/K 335 and the Denon 2105 (the 885's sister). You should really take the time to listen to these receivers, they have totally different sounds. I really enjoyed the sound of the H/K, it was warm and it really filled the room. But I chose the Denon because I though that through its more neutral sound, it was cleaner and more precise. But that is just my opinion.

I have no experience with either Pioneer or Marantz.

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I had a good experience with the Harman Audio ebay site. I just received a AVR 430 (7.1 with auto setup and second zone capable) shipped with tax under $425. H/K sells directly so they have factory warranty and have all different H/K models.


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If you watch a lot of movies, do pay attention to what otherwise may be bells and whistles in the audio only realm (more ports, DTS, THX, etc.) You would want to set it up so that your receiver and its remote will run everything and your TV becomes a dumb terminal. This way all your audio regardless of source goes through the receiver and your video is passed through to the TV/Projection regardless of the source its source.

Trust me that will make a big difference when you sit down to watch something and don't have use different remotes and turn and set a million things just to watch TV. With that in mind I would recommend the Pioneer or Kenwood 8070, and perhaps you can find a higher model at or other places.


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Also I am considering your price range. If you can go up somewhat, I would definitly recommend a Denon 2805 or Marantz.

Are you getting a subwoofer?


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Thanks for the feedback guys.

Jet - why did you select 885 rather than 785, just power considerations, or you were looking some other features?

John - thanks for the advice. I know and closely watch ebay h/k store but my question is with a setup like mine which receiver would be more suitable? I know I know, the best way is to try with my setting however no freakin chance...

And stof - sub is included in the micra 6 setup. I believe athena's made in canada 8" sub is sufficient for my little apartment. As you mentioned THX and other features makes Pioneer 1014/1015 very attractive. The thing is I think I am demanding so much!

Definitely want a good stereo setup for listening music, but a natural and clear ht system is a must too.

On the other hand, I think I should invest little more to get a decent future proof receiver but than immediately I'm out of budget!

Lets hear some denon fans, 785 seems sooo good to be true.

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Rom-the only reason was that I found the 885 for a great price, it was referbed, but that doesn't bother me. The two major differences (which really aren't major at all) between the 885 and the 785 are 10 wpc and the set-up microphone. Both you can live without and neither was a deal buster for me...I just happened to find the 885 for under my budgeted amount.

It should be arriving at my door sometime this week, I'll post an in house review if you're still looking at that time.

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look at he hk on ebay and also they have a site on the net. http:/ has refurb denons there. you just missed a good deal on marantz 8400 for like 460.00 that is top model for that price. maybe it will come again. it is being discontinued new models are 500 not 400

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Last night I pulled the trigger and purchased the Denon 785 for $295 (manufacturer refurbished)...

I couldn't decide for a long time between H/K 235 and Denon 785 in this price range. Features in the Denon seems superior than 235.

I hope I didn't give up the sound quality... I'll let you inform as soon as I got it.

Thanks everybody!
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