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Hi everyone. I'm new here and know hardly anything about home theatres, the electronics, or the speakers. My problem is that I need to hook up 4 outdoor speakers somehow to the CD player that is inside my house part of my home theatre but when I look at my amp/receiver I don't have enough places to hook up the speakers without splitting the connections.

My home theatre right now consists of:
1. DVD Player - Sony DVP-S7700
2. VCR - Sony SLV-999HF
3. CD player - Sony CDP-CX400
4. Receiver/Amp - Sony STR-V444ES
5. Power Centre - Monster Power - HTS 5000
6. Satellite - Bell Express Vue
7. Satellite - DirecTV
8. TV - Sony KP-65XBR10W
Centre - Boston Lynnfield VR Series - VR920
Front Left/Right - Paradigm Reference Series - OM-520
Rear Left/Right - Boston Designer Series - 336pt (in wall)
Sub - Paradigm - can't remember model

All of the above stuff is in one room and I am looking to be able to connect 4 more speakers that would be outside to the same equipment so that if I wanted to I could play the same CD in and outside at the same time. Any help of what I need to make this work would be helpful.

Also, any recommendations speakers for the outdoors? I would like better then average speakers, but do not want to have better speakers outside then I have inside. I live in Canada, just north of Toronto and I get plenty of snow and harsh winds. The plan is to have 2 speakers on the wall and 2 more in the garden on either side of the pool (about 10 feet away from the pool but could still get some pool water in their direction).

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