Monitor Audio s6 vs Def Tech 2002tl vs Axiom 60


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Putting together my first true system and looking for advice on these three speakers.Have not been able to listen to the Axiom but reviews sound good. The monitors sound very precise but I think they will require a sub. Def tech was very heavy on bass as they seem to be designed to be, but was not sure about their range as the store was noisy.

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I prefer the Monitor Audio's. I had a Def Tech system for several years and last May changed to the MA silvers. Incredible clarity and dynamics. They need to be paired with a warm sounding receiver and match best with Marantz, H/K and Elite. I recently heard the Dynaudio 42's and couldn't believe the sound I was hearing out of these little beauties. I would love to have a Dynaudio set but they are 4 ohm speakers and I would have to change receivers or go with seperates and I am not willing to do that at this time. I really love my Elite/MA combination and would highly recommend it to anyone. If I do make a change in the future it will probably be an upgrade of my MA mains and I'll leave the rest of my system alone. At least that's what I think as of today. Tomorrow?

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i'm also considering the MA silvers. Would NAD or Integra receivers be a good match? also, is there much difference between the s6 and s8 (esp. given the approx. $500/pr price diff.)?

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I think NAD would be a good match and Integra might be ok but there are better receivers for the money than Integra IMO like the ones I mentioned above. I know those work great with MA's and that's why I mentioned them. I take it from your question you are interested in a new receiver also? Of the MA silvers I think they are all good buys and you will have to let your ears decide but the 6 is a particularly good bargain.
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