Fluance DB-200 versus Hsu STF-1


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Anyone have any feel for how these two similarly-priced units compare to one another?

Lots of recommendations come for the Hsu STF series, and most (if not all) that I've read on the Fluance subs have been about the 10" model.

I'm particularly interested in both clarity and low frequency range. (Sheer volume doesn't do much for me.) Usage will be heavily biased toward music, with some soundtrack use. I'm curious how the Fluance (with a 12" driver) compares to the Hsu's 8".


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no comparison whatsoever!

Fluance is flatulent, but Hsu is sublime.

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Hay Walrus

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Andy why don't you focus on subject matter instead of continually falling into the immature catagory?

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Okay, so has anyone actually made any objective comparisons between the two?

Since there's lots of reviews on the STF-1, anyone with personal experience with the DB-200 would be fine as well.

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I'm also looking at the STF-1, but was worried about not being blown away by an 8inch woofer.

Can anyone elaborate on the "depth" of the STF1? How much information am I missing between 25hz (how low the STF2 goes) and 32hz (how low the STF1 goes)?

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It seems I am in the same boat. I would like to hear any real reviews or comparisons

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Me too. What do we lose in terms of music by picking STF-1 over STF-2. We win in space/design, but what happens between 32 Hz to 25 Hz? Which instruments? Do we get 99% of the story above 32HZ in Rock/pop music?

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it seems the folks who really know about and like music don't visit the threads in the subwoofer section of this forum.

As I'm a bass learner (I can actually play a bunch of rock songs...), I found the 5-string bass guitar lower note is at about 30HZ while the lower note of the 4-string instrument is at 40HZ. Few instruments, but tube organs, would go below this. Probably, 99% of the pop music is above 30Hz. However, there is the sub-harmonics thing, and much more complications than our vain philosophy can imagine. As you may know the human ear feels down to 20 Hz. Below 30HZ, we lose the bottom end of the low frequency effects, present mostly in action movies. Below 20Hz you might only feel some body vibrations (also in movies) but normally you will not hear any sound.
It's not that the sub doesn't go that low, but it goes with less power and more distortion, then you feel a gap in the lower extreme.

Then, what do we pick: STF-1 or STF-2? If budget and space are not an issue, certainly the STF-2, since the sub should at least cover the human ear.

Hope this helps you, but I still wanted someone to tell it's experience matching both kinds of sub.

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I'll admit that a 25 Hz test tone is pretty low bass on my Hsu STF-3, and I'm not sure there's much "music" down there. There are exceptions... How low is the beginning of that fairly recent Sting CD?

So I was waiting for someone with hard figures to chime in, as Jorge just did.

I bought my sub for music and movies, and so 25 Hz was required. Plus, I need the extra output of the STF-3 to keep up with my main speakers at high volume (even if that's a rare event). I'm sure it wouldn't really keep up, but it's loud enough for me. :-)
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