AMP shuts off when I turn up the volume


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I have amp that cuts out when I turn up the volume. I have since discovered that I have 4 Ohms speakers and an amp that is rated at 8 ohms. Is there a solution? Can I add another set of speakers in Series and make this work?

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You need 8 ohm speakers...........

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Adding a 4ohm speaker in series will give you the desired 8ohm impedence. The speakers should be the same for best resulfs.


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I have to disagree with Lester regarding the desirability of adding another pair of speakers in series with the present pair. If all loudspeakers were merely one impedance load and constant across all frequencies, Lester's advice would be a good alternative. However, no speaker I know of is simply a constant resistive impedance load and the actual electrical impedance load the amplifier sees can vary over a rather wide range as you can see in this link:

Placing this speaker in series with an unknown quantity could result in an impedance swing that is even less desirable as far as the amplifier is concerned. Even adding the same speaker in series would result in an impedance that at some point around 1kHz reaches 36 Ohms. Most budget and mid priced receivers will not care for that impedance any more than they do the lower 4 Ohm impedance.

I would suggest you take the most sensible route and simply replace either the amplifier or the speakers you presently own.

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