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Which is better and why?

here is another
T773 Vs the 7300

Don't Get NAD, Get Even
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If you don't mind an audible hiss coming out of your speakers at all times and can tolerate equipment that may need to be fixed or replaced a couple times, the NAD wins each comparo. If you don't like those things, the H/K wins each comparo.

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Or if you want an AVR that sounds head and shoulders better than an HK,get an NAD. Every brand has at one time or another had service issues. NAD, Rotel, and Arcam are going to sound better than most of the other AVR's (excluding B&K, Lexicon, and Sunfire). HK, Marantz, Integra, and Denon sound very good but are not IMO in the same league. I own an NAD T763 and think it's fantastic. Ofcourse if it breks next week I won't. HK will have more bells and whistles and will still sound very good. You have to decide for yourself what you need from an AVR and go from there. Just one look at my NAD's Holmgren toroidal transfromer impressed me. Good luck.

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I spent a month or six, last year, deciding upon what sort of A/V system to get for my main listening area.
My maximum budget was around £3,500. With this cash, my main plan was to get an quality A/V Receiver and then, later on, patch the front speakers though a dedicated stereo amp.
Having read lots of reviews and listened to quite a few systems, NAD was certainly the favourite Receiver.
I then discovered this site - and all the anti-NAD people on here.

I pondered for a while - then bought a NAD T753. I would probably have bought a 763 or 773 if I hadn't paid heed to the prophets of NAD gloom on here - so that the loss wouldn't be as great if it did go horribly wrong.

And I thank them (the anti-NAD men) !

The NAD T753 does absolutely fine in my smallish listening room, so I saved lots of money. I don't have any hiss or hum problems. I haven't even had to send it away to be fixed yet!

Best of all, it is so good in pure stereo mode, that I don't really need a supplemental amp. I've tried a couple, as mentioned in previous posts, but any improvement they make is so insignificant as to make purchasing one of them a vain luxury.

So I'm well pleased. Even if it breaks down completely after the 2 year guarantee expires, I'll still consider buying the models that NAD are selling by then.

And I'll still have £3,000 left to decide how to spend if it does break down in two years.

A 'no lose' situation I think.


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I own a T752, the 5.1 model preceeding the T753. It needed repair right on the verge of the 2-years warranty expiration. However, I'm with Diablo, I would by another NAD with no second thought. For being multichannel receivers, they do wonder in 2-channel mode, which was the key selection criteria for me. And they rock in Surround mode too. As Art hinted, it's all in the power supply...

When shopping for this receiver I auditioned receiver in the same power range from Denon, Onkyo, Integra, HK and Marantz. In 2-channel mode NAD has no rival, IMHO. The "authority", fullness and zero listening fatigue of the NAD sound his sweet to my ears.

If you can, try the T753 with a pair of Paradigm Studio 20 or higher and a good source. You'll get immediately what I mean.

I would ditch NAD (maybe..) only for an Arcam (and if I didn't have a wife, kids, a mortgage, two cars, bills to pay............)


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Well said Paolo!

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I have a T773 that exhibted a hiss/hum. Communicated with NAD about the issue, who replaced it with a new unit. A1 service.


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Funny but I will part with the crowd and choose the HK over the NAD. It ultimately depends on your listening preferences of course but I found the NAD to be lacking for movies. It sounds nice for music listening but really I find it dull and uninvolving when watching movies. In fact, if you want a receiver that sounds similar to NAD for music listening but trounces it for movies, listen to the Cambridge Audio 540R. This is far more detailed and involving for movies and sounds great with music as well.

As for the HK 635, I think most people on this forum haven't actually heard it or demoed it at home. It is an entirely new animal with its TI processor and new EQ setup. In fact, it is even a far cry sound wise from its previous model, the AVR630. I find it to sound great for music (HK pedegree) and fantastic for movies thanks to its EQ.

I'm not an HK fanboy and if you read some of my older posts, I wasn't a fan of the AVR630 when I demoed it for a month. I've owned receivers from Arcam, NAD, Yamaha, Marantz, Cambridge Audio, Denon, and HK, as well as separates from Audio Refinement, Outlaw Audio, Anthem, and Bryston and the HK AVR635 is what is parked happily in my system right now. As a side note, I also re-purchased the Cambridge Audio 540R for my bedroom system as I like it ton as well.

Take the time to home demo and see which one you like in your system and room the best. For me, the NAD was better than Denon, Yamaha, Marantz and the previous HK models but I preferred each group of separates to it, as well as the Cambridge Audio receiver and the Arcam AVR200. An of course, I prefer the HK 635 to all of these as the moment.

Best of luck choosing your system.


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"Dont get NAD, get even"........


ok, that was funny.
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