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I can't believe, is there nobody in UK who own Audio Innovations Alto integrated? I'd like to hear the first hand experience, but it seems to me how nobody had picked one from many Richer Sounds store even for 149 pounds??

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I do believe you can take one home for a 14 day trial from Richers. Check with your store.

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Tact, I just bought the alto amp and matching cd from Richer Sounds for £160. Its ex service stock but comes with a 3 month guarntee. It looks great, dunno how it will comparte to my Bose but i cant wait to fire it up. I need to buy a remote and cam lead, one of the reasons i got it so cheap. Tony LEEDS

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Hi there, I too purchased the complete, super stylish, Alto system from Richer Sounds. It is great! Recently wired it up to a set of Mordaunt-Short floor standers and am loving the clarity of the sound.
However, I can't get my hands on one of the wall mounting 'spike' stands that were made to compliment the system.
Anyone any ideas where I may find said stand?
Robin, Belfast.

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Hi there. I am also buying the Alto CT1 CD player, but without a remote. I was told that it won't work without a this right?

Does anyone know where a remote can be bought from or if there's an equivalent?

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No more stands ever- nobody bought them when they were made so we stopped. We've also stopped doing Alto's as well because again nobody bought them at a price we made money on them.

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I've got fully working Audio Innovations Remote control (RC1) for sale if anyone is interested.

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The alto remote is now sold.

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Does anyone else have a remote, or know of a good universal remote for the alto? I have the Alto amp and the cd, but bought from Richer sounds with the remote missing.

Incidentally, its a very nice piece of kit, but the amp doesn't really compete with the Audio Innovations series 500 valve amp I have. But it looks a lot - and runs a lot - cooler.

There's a 'stand' on ebay at the moment...

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Has any body found an alternative remote for the Alto amp and CD, and would love a stand if anybody has one

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Audio Innovations Alto : Excellent little amplifier by the way. Sounds a little bit like my other tube amps. Excellent reserve of power, soft sound, nice highs. Highly recommended.

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Anybody still interested in an Audio Innovations stand I have one with the Alto amp and CD/Tuner, and remote control.

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I own the Alto system CD + Amp. But my CD player's LCD Backlight has died. Anyone know where I can get a replacement?

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Gary, are you interested in selling just the remote, or do you want to sell the whole lot?

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The display is illuminated from behind by 2 x 5V bulbs and these fail with boring regularity.

It's about a half an hour job to change them if you're handy with a screwdriver and soldering iron. Maplin part number PG76H should do the trick.

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I have bought a secondhand Alto, unfortunatley when the power cable is put into the amp, nothing happens whatsoever.

Does anyone have any ideas?
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