B&W 300 Series -- Good for Denon 2805??


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Hey peeps. I recently posted asking for comparisons on Denon 2805 and Onkyo 702. I went to listen to the denon today, and the Home Theater Store had it set up with B&W 300 series speakers. It sounded great! I think I've read on this forum and others of multiple people agreeing that the B&W speakers sound good on a certain brand on receivers, but I can't remember which (I think it was Denon, but I can't remember for sure).

So my question: Would the B&W 300 series be a good match with the Denon 2805? If not, would it be better with the Onkyo SR-702?

Around $1500 is my price limit, so I need to find something around this give or take a hundred or so. Any suggestions? I like the 2805 better so far, but that's because I haven't been able to test the 702.

Any other brand speakers you would suggest testing out for either of these receivers which would be in my price range? Looking for best match speakers with receiver for around $1500.


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Anyone? ... Anyone? ...
Bueller? ... Bueller?

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The Denon is a good match....don't buy Onkyo whatever you do.

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anyone else? I KNOW there are some opinionated people around here...

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The B&Ws would suit the Denon since they're a benign 8-ohm load and the Denons don't like 4 ohm loads. They're a good match and you really liked what you heard - why look for something different? Most people come on here because they can't hear the stuff they're interested in, or haven't found something they really like. You're very lucky to have found a combination and heard it - go buy and enjoy! :-)


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Beuller? hehehe

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Frank, you are true (mix between "that's true" and "you're right"). I did really like what I heard, but I would still like to hear other stuff, just in case, you know?

I started looking into Klipsch speakers today, as well. What do you think about those? I wonder how those would sound with the Denon?? Anyone?
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