I need help with my speaker settings!


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What is the suggested speaker dB levels for your speakers? I currently have my fronts at 0, my center at +2, and my surrounds at +4. My sub is also at 0.

And in my room the rear surrounds were forced to be in an unsymmetrical design. My right surround speaker is about 4 feet from listening position, and my left surround is about 6 feet away. SHould I have the left at a higher dB setting?

Also, where should my sub be set at...should it stay at 0 dB....and where should the crossover be set, currently I have it around 80-100Hz...


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unless your receiver has an auto set up microphone, you will need to go buy a decibal meter in order to properly calibrate your speakers. If your receiver has a test tone, then you can calibrate with your ears...but this is fairly hard to do correctly. The easiest way to set them up is to just listen to them. If one speaker sounds too soft, raise the level, and so on. Set the sub so it blends with the mains. The bass should like it's coming from the front of the stage, not from the subwoofer.

if you want more detailed help, tell us what receiver and speakers you have.

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My rear surrounds are Athena AS-B1's
I don't have the exact model numbers, but my fronts are floorstanding Yamaha's, my center is also Yamaha, and I have a Sony sub.

My receiver is a Kenwood Fineline VRS-7100

should my left back surround be set at a higher dB since it is a bit farther away than my right surround speaker?

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the factory settings for all speakers are set at 0dB...should any be even close to +10 or -10? How far or down the range do you know you should set a speaker?


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Play the calibration test tones on your receiver and adjust them such that they all sound at the same level. There is no universal answer to what you are asking.

Buying a sound level meter may not be necessary.
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