No satelite picture when connecting technosonic recorder


i have bought a dvd recorder technosonic dvd recorder (+RW) IT IS A SECOND DVD PLAYER. I can connect it to my satelite receiver box and PLAY films UNFORTUNATELY! I CANNOT wactch sky through the recorder(in other words i cannot use the dvd recorder to record films from my sky channel).There are two scart connections at the back of the recorder and two connections at the back of the sky box (one is already connected to the television which has two scart connections)
ONE IMPORTANT FACTOR IS that i am only using a SCART plug to connect dvd recorder to the sky box

I have a Technosonic DVDR2018 bought early in 2005. I spent the best part of a whole afternoon yesterday trying to get a decent picture through the SCART input from my new Fusion Digitec FVRT100. All I get is a very blurry gray picture, no matter what I try, with different combinations of scart lead or scart/phono adapters. Both machines work OK when used with other equipment or connected direct to TV through the same scart sockets. I've come to the conclusion that there is some kind of manufacturing defect that makes the scart input incompatible with some other kinds of equipment, but not all. Maybe the grounding or signal return paths are not wired correctly internally to the Technosonic. As well as this it doesn't play pre-recorded DVD's very well, causing some to stutter and pause occasionally, breaking the flow of the movie, and others to have popping noises on the sound. I'm going to return it to the shop I bought it from tomorrow and see if I can get a refund so I can buy a better machine, and I'd suggest you do the same if you can.

Sussed it - my last ditch attempt to solve the riddle this morning was to check the input with a multimeter, the grounding is fine, the problem is that there is no 75 ohm termination resistor between the composite video and ground on the scart input socket. That's measured between pin 20 and ground, which can be picked up on pin 17 or 18. 18 seems to be the one conventionallly used. I connected a 75 ohm terminator on to the video input of a scart to phono adapter to prove the theory worked without having to open up the DVD recorder, so didn't invalidate the warranty by breaking the integrity seal on the cover. If yours is out of warranty you could get somebody to wire in a resistor internally for you or fit one to a scart lead inside the plug. But maybe the best option would be to take it back and get the manufacturers to put it right so they don't do it again.
I hope that has helped solve your problem which wasn't described very clearly but seemed to be similar to mine.
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