Can I use a High end Receiver for my Church?


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Forgive me if this is a dumb question...

Basically I am looking for a Sound system for my Church. I am looking for an alternative for a
Mixer + Amplifier + Speakers (Big ones generaly used for Public Address system) for my Recently Contructed Church.

Can I use a High end Mixer (Say a Soundtrack E8 series) + Audio Receiver + Speakers (which we use for Hometheatre or little bit less costlier than Big Speakers)

Will it give a good output?
Please advice me in buying the right Combo...

Thanks in Advance!!


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Not enough input of information to process an appropriate response.

Only if you already have the receiver would this be a useful cost cutting method. If you have a mixer, you do not need the pre amp section of a receiver. If you have no intention of using the tuner in the receiver, you have no need for that portion of a receiver. That leaves you with using only the power amplifier in the receiver. For the cost of a "high end" receiver, you can buy only a power amplifier which is better suited to the task at hand.

As to the speakers, the answer is again only if you have the speakers should you consider this option. Most HT speakers will not fill the space of a church sanctuary without distress. It would obviously depend on the size and type of speaker you are considering and the size of the space. Horn loaded drivers are almost always the best choice for this situation. More conventional dome tweeters will work against clarity in the more reverberant space of a church.


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not sure what your needs are exactly - for speakers consider some older Sansui or Advent speakers. Advents could be obtained that are reconditioned and warranted and these would fill a church. Some older receivers have connections for up to 3 pairs of speakers. You may want to look at just an amp, and an older Luxman. Something of a real work horse. let me know if i can help you out.
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