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In anticipation of a new (first time) AV setup for a built out basement...I have one simple question.

I would like to have one room primarily dedicated as a movie area but, would like to install two separate speakers in another room for alternate stereo (DC/AM/FM) use.

I've seen stuff on multi-room setup, 2 channel receivers, A/B channels etc but, just can't get it all to register.

I would like to be able to watch DVD in main movie room BUT, then play CD's on the movie room AND alternate room speakers.

Is this possible? What do I need to get in a receiver to make this happen? Can you watch movies (1 room) and listen to AM/FM in another at the same time?

PLEASE...explain this to me as if I were a 5 year old child!

I don't want to buy a Receiver and then find out I can't use it in this manner. I'm wiring the basement now and want to run cable to the alternate room for a set of speakers separate from the whole home theater setup (7.1)

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It's called multi-room capability, look at the features list of the receivers you're considering.

Receivers above $600-700 usually have it.

The only thing is, I sometimes read that the room B output is often of subpar quality.

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You need a receiver with zone 2 capability and additional channels of amplification (however many you decide you want) to power the additional speakers (however many you decide you want) that comprise zone 2. You'll also need some way to adjust the volume to the additional speakers if you want each area to be independent volume level. ory_Code=_info


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Let me ask a quick follow up question. Someone told me that when listening to a CD on a standard HT setup, that the music comes from the front L/R speakers only. If I wanted to listen to music in the movie room and the other room at the same time (ie same CD), would the second paid of speakers in the other room have to be tied to an A/B channel setup on the receiver?

If I could simply play the same music / same time on an "A" set of front speakers and a "B" set of alternate room speakers...that would be a good enough solution.

So if i read the above responses correctly, I guess I need a multi channel receiver, wired into a separate room volume control, and then into the separate room speakers? I figured you pushed an "A" speaker button, a "B" speaker button, or (to play same output/same time)...push an "A/B" button.
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