Yamaha or Harmon Kardon????


Cosmo Cruz
I posted this question on another conversation sight so my appoligies.... Anyway, here's my question. I'm looking to replace my old receiver with a new one and I've got my choices narrowed to 2.A Yamaha HTR-5550 and a Harmon Kardon AVR125. I've read outstanding reveiws for both. With the exception of a few quality issues for the Harmon Kardon.Which one should I buy? They're both priced at around $400 or less. That's my limit. Any advice will Be appreciated.

Jeff P
I'm personally a big fan of Yamaha receivers. If your budget is $400, you might want to consider the Yamaha RX-V630. It's the equivalent of the HTR-5560, and I just picked one up from www.etronics.com for $339+shipping=$371. I could not be happier with it. You can see the differences between the two models at:


If you're sold on the HTR-5550 and the AVR125, you still might want to check out etronics. Both are listed there for under $275.

Phil Krewer

Jeff makes a good point. The RX-V630 does have 6 channels. I know that Tweeters is having a sale on the RX-V630 at $349. I'm not sure if etronics is an authorized dealer. Also unless you really need the S-video switching there's not much different between the 5550 and the 5540, which Tweeter is selling for $149.


Phil Krewer
One more thing they're also offering free shipping.

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