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Anybody have input on this brand since they make some incredibly expensive speakers that I will be able to afford in the Far Far future? I believe their website is I also read an article about using black cd-r's for an overall improved quality of sound depending on some factors. input on that as well would be great. Thanks

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Genesis is a true high end speaker company. It was founded by Arnie Nudell after he left Infinity and Paul McGowan after he left PS Audio. The pedigree of the Genesis product is impeccable and any of their speakers will show you back exactly what you feed to them. Whether the Genesis sound is the best match for your system and room is another matter. In the price range of the Genesis product there are quite a few other speakers to listen to and consider. For the most part any of the high end speakers in the Genesis price range will make an excellent choice once you decide what you want from your speakers. They will be an obvious improvement from the Def Techs and unlike most studio monitors.

I would suggest the Genesis spekers should be heard in your room before you purchase since not all rooms are going to take to the bass response or the dipole high frequencies of the Genesis line. I would also suggest you not run the Genesis, or most of its competition, on a Yamaha receiver until you are certain the receiver can deliver the amperage and voltage the Genesis, and most of its similarly priced competition, require to sound their best. Many of the speakers competing with the Genesis products are, like Genesis, voiced around separates with power supplies much more robust than a receiver contains. The complexity of the crossovers and the impdeance swing the amplifier sees in products such as these may rule out the Genesis with the Yamaha. If you decide the Genesis might be the speaker you prefer, I would spend some time listening through your receiver before I committed to the purchase. Pay particular attention to the areas and problems that can arise when the speaker demands large voltage and current swings from the amplifer. Your personal requirements may be less demanding than someone who prefers to push the power amp to its limits and the Genesis/Yamaha sound might be to your taste. There are, however, probably speakers that will be happier with a high end Yamaha receiver, I would ask the dealer for guidance or call Genesis for more help.

It's cheap to buy a pack of black CD-R's to try for yourself.

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