Speakers for Krell 300iL


Recently picked up a Krell 300iL in a good deal. I am looking for feedback on speakers which go well with this amp..


So you have decided to go stereo and picked up the 200 watt per channel (into 8 ohms, or 400 watts into 4 ohms) Krell integrated amp.

At this power what speakers you get is very much determined by your room size and budget.

Do you want towers or excellent bookshelfs with the possible addition of a subwoofer, although some very good bookshelf spedakers don't require them--

I have used ProAc Response 2's with a Belles 200 watt amp along with a Classe 30 preamp for a number of years. One of the greatest bookshelf speakers ever--didn't even need a subwoofer when put on the Target stands that were made for it. I had loaded the stands with lead shot. Seemed to enhance the bass, even when I had them out in the middle of a large room. People were always looking for hidden subwoofer and were usually shocked when they saw none. Nevermind the fact that the speaker seems to make everything from rock to orchestral music sound beautiful. On good recordings it sounds like the instrumentalists are right there playing.

That speaker and a couple of Joseph Audio's were my fave stereo speakers. But those ProAc's in rosewood besides sounding glorious--looked glorious too.

While a pair of new Response 2's in rosewood went for $3500--they can now be had used for around $1200--with the Target stands that are made for them add about another $150.

You won't find a speaker that sounds that good anywhere near that price.

The PSB Stratus Gold i towers are are quite good too. Can usually be gotten new at $2,000 or a bit more.

I still prefer the ProAc's for their great imaging, soundstage, and live-like performance.

Anyway, let us know what your budget is--afterall-great speakers can get very expensivr, if not wisely chosen

Black Math
You can use just about anything you want with that bad boy. If you have a Hi-Fi Shop near you, see if you can take a pair home, in your price range, to audition (or several pairs).

the deal fell through!!
thanks for all you feedback. really appreciate it.

James Lee
Many speakers would sound good with the Krell - I particularly like the dynamic strength and the transparency. You might want to get speakers that can take advantage of these characteristics - something above the entry level stuff for sure.
WWW.Audiogon.com has good prices on used stuff. NHT sounded good with it. Upscale model from any of these companies would be OK - try to take your amp and your favorite CDs (the stuff you will listen to the most) to a HIFI shop and see if they will let you hear different speakers - beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, so I would let your ears be the final judge, and go with your heart on the decision.
These are respected names in speakers - mid to upscale models from these companies should please you.

MB Quart
Sonus Faber
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