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I have noticed that Denon and Marantz seem to be the leading receivers, with Yamaha and Harmon Kardon coming in close behind. But I never see any input on Pioneer Elite products in these forums. I was just wondering what the story is on that? I recently purchased a Pioneer Elite VSX59-TXi directly from Pioneer for $1000. The suggested retail is $4500. I got it through a buy-back program for a failed problematic VSX-29TX that I had, so price-wise, it seems like a steal. I haven't even taken this thing out of the box yet and was considering dumping it for a Denon or Marantz. Any opinions?

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As a fan of both Marantz and Denon, I certainly would not be dumping the Pioneer - at least until I knew whether or not the sound/performance/options etc were agreeable to me or not. A $4500 piece of kit for a grand should be considered a great windfall and such a benefit should be taken advantage of imho. Good luck.

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Jason - While Pioneer Elite products may not be hot items on this forum, on several other fora they are highly respected.

Like My Rantz said, you got quite a bargain. The VSX59-TXi is Pioneer Elite's flagship receiver and has more power and bells and whistles than you can shake a stick at. The only bell/whistle it doesn't have is HDMI switching. Read this review and decide:


Holding on to it, IMHO, is a no brainer. Enjoy!

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I have a Pioneer Elite VSX-54tx. Purchased it in January of this year. I love this unit. Plenty of power, Great processing, Incredibly good looking. I couldn't be happier. I certainly wish I could have gotten a 59 for a grand, I know yours was a dead product buy-back.

I have had a hard time finding US reviews of Pioneer's products, while there seems to be an abundance of Yammie and Denon. Most of the dealers that I have been to that carry Elite, always say good things about the units, but really push other lines. I basically had to beg the local people to sell me a pioneer unit. I eventually wound up buying on-line because of the lack of interest and support for Pioneer around here.

British press seems to be more taken with PE.

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Thanks for the responses, all! The one thing that did bother me about this unit was the fact that it does not have HDMI switching, which seemed like a bad move on behalf of Pioneer, seeing as how all the equivalent units from the competition do have it. However, after reading more and more on HDMI, it seems like in some cases component video might actually work out better. Besides, I have DVI and HDMI on my TV, so I can go direct if I need to. Thanks again for the feedback. I think I will give this thing a shot and try not to lose to much sleep over the lack of HDMI.

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Pioneer does very well with their elite series.

It just happens that the very 'few' who post actively on this forum dont own one.

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A year ago, we had "therealelitefan" who could give comments when needed and could often recommend them. Paul is right; we don't recommend what we don't know... There are too few active people here, I guess.
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