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I am looking at buying a good sound quality booming Entertainment Centre.

I am new to all this so need some advise.

Receivers: who makes the best overall reciever?
Speakers: who makes the best for sound quality?

Is it a good idea to mixmatch for say pioneer reciever and sony speakers?

What would and should look for in a reciver as well to how many speakers can be hooked up to a single reciver?

Yet another question what to look for when buying speakers for a reciever - as to not want to blow an speaker or the reciever.

Thanks as any help will be great


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It all depends on your opinion of the "best." Most of us don't have the bankroll to satisfy what we consider the best. If you do... this could go on a long time :-)

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Budget first. How much money are you willing to spend for the "best"?
What have you sampled so far?

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For "the best" you would buy a seperate pre-amplifer, and mono-block power amplifiers for each channel, rather than a receiver. You would purchase seperate components for each medium.

You could easily spend $100,000 on an A/V system, so your budget is an important consideration towards any recommendations.

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This link is started here as well and has his budget, so maybe contnue it there.


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The best receiver is the Arcam AVR300.

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Harmon Kardon AVR7300 or Denon 5805. I like the way HK sounds myself. HK is a bit warmer sounding.

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Top of the line Harman Kardon receiver is what I would start with.

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Bob Carver's Sunfire "Ultimate" Receiver

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Hi Everyone,

First like to thank-you for your helpful advice, etc.

I however still need some advice as I just bought Yamaha RX 550 with Paraadigm Monitor 90's for speakers and I see that the Monitor 90 speakers have 4 plug-in terminals (for 2 speaker wires - I assume)

So would I plug the 1 speaker to the Front A terminal and the other speaker to the Front B terminal on the back of the receiver?
David Lambie

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The Yamaha will need some help to power those bad boys if you want them to sing. Even if you bought the RXV-2500, the Monitor 90Ps would benefit from an external power amplifier. You will need a minimum of 100W from a good power amplfier to get solid performance out the speakers, I'd go 200 each from something like 2 of these:



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Paradigm 90p's have powered subs built in. They don't need alot of power. I would however take that Yamaha receiver back and get a Rotel, NAD, or Arcam. That would eliminate the need for an external amp. Hooking up good external power amps to a bad receiver just enhances the bad rather than improving anything. Not that Yamaha is bad it just isn't in the same league as the others I've mentioned.

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The Yamaha will work. BUT NOT VERY WELL. If you want the best of the best dont go buy great speakers and drive them with a dinkie little receiver. Give them something that can open these up. Granted they have built in subs you still need some REAL POWER. If you must use a receiver get something from NAD, Rotel or Arcam. These three tend to offer the best power amp sections in mid end receivers. Or try the pre/power combo from Outlawaudio.com. Please try and stay away from mass market receivers with such nice speakers. YOUR EARS WILL THANK YOU. If your on a budget dont cut corners on amps and speakers this is the heart of the system.


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sunfire grand cinema series!!!
harmon kardon
lexicom 12 15grand i think!!

and some of the really high end stuff in the millinair have to be categories before you can buy things

but those are some of the few with the sunfier the nicest in my opinion..but of course you gotta match them with nice speakers and they cost also!!!

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Denon 5805, I tested one of these at a local audio shop. There is a lot more audio feel coming from the surrounds versus other brands when compared to at the same volume and when they were both setup right. This could be due to the discrete amplifier circuitry in the Denon. There are a lot of factors for a system to sound good. Go to a local shop and test the receivers out for yourself. Crappy speakers can make a awesome receiver sound bad. So they affect your choice too. My other choice would be Marantz though.
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